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2013-12-26 - 8:17 p.m.

if I could be anywhere in mid January I would transport myself to a small bar in Brooklyn NY where my wonderfully talented daughter and her band mate have a gig.

I am thrilled that one of my brothers will be there, along with Soren to hear Katerina perform.

She did not like the bright red go go boots I gave her for her birthday which looked like the pair in some quirky version of Little Red Riding Hood we have watched in our house countless times. She said they were too much and she prefers to be understated in her clothing. To be exact she said " I wear black pants and a Hawain shirt when I perform."

She asked for Doc Martins and the boots actually came up when I did a search for Doc Martins and I LOVED THEM! Good news is that she bought herself a pair that she wanted and she also now can return and exchange those.

I am delighted to have found this link which her band mate actually posted with the comment this is an Asian version of her:

She did tell me her music is hard to describe as it is unique and doensn't really fall into any particular category and they are using elecronic looping and reverberation on anything possible incluing band mates banjo and her violin along with her poetic vocals.

Listen to the link


I loved it and can't wait to someday hear her music.

Love the notion here of 151A the notion of one time one meeting the Japanese performance concept that this one moment in time is unique and to be enjoyed with all its imperfections and mistakes.

Reminds me of that French Philosopher .

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