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2014-01-06 - 7:09 p.m.

Have to add a new entry as I forgot to write what I wanted to brag about. I am happy to have been brought to Home Depot by the attorney (who seemed a bit overwealmed by my purchase of a new toilet as he seemed to get stressed thinking even the getting of it in his car was a project. He is kinda funny thay way- any idea of a project or work seems to have him running in the other direction which after a controller who took over and never let me do a damn thing myself suits me just fine. I just reassured him this is my project and I only asked him for help with the ride to the hardware store.) I AM VERY PLEASED that within 45 minutes of being dropped off at home with my purchases, I replaced three toilet mechanisms to stop the leaks in the three upstairs toilets new flappers had not fixed. I FOUND a funky dual flush system designed to save water by allowing one to choose a small amount of water for a quick flush of liquid or matter OR a full,more powerful flush as needed for larger needs. As Katie in particular never flushes the damn toilet, and I figure that is because she never held the old handle all the way down and waited as it requires (WHICH EXPLAINS WHY SHE THINKS SHE FLUSHES because she hits the handle but that was not sufficient ), this new mechanism that offers a light flush if you just hit the one side of the handle lightly but don't hold it all the way down should result in Katie flushing at least half the time. Figure it has to work better than my not understood repeated pleas to her. I ALSO won't have to turn off the valves and turn them back on to flush anymore, as I was doing to avoid a crazy water bill. I have a neighbor who is a construction worker coming to fix some tiles and redo bathroom caulking for my basement tenants next week. I will install the toilet then while the first part of that job is curing so if I run into ay trouble he can then take the job over the next day or so when he comes back to finish his work. Don't think the toilet installation wll be hard as its two bolts and positioning the wax rim seal, the silicon caulk. Seems rather basic. I hear the basement toilet run on occassion as I can hear the water lines through the walls so knew I needed at least new mechanisms for that. I will get a $100 tax rebate for a new energy efficent low water usage toilet as well as a lower water bill so figured the $100 toilet that doesn't have a handle but two buttons for light flush or full flush might save money as it is so easy to use the half flush option as oppossed to just doing tne same thing one always does out of habit. BUT FOR KATIE, who already never holds down the handle I bet most of my family will still flush the toilets upstairs the way they always have done, which is by holding the handle down all the way as habits are neither easily changed or formed. I wonder if many actaully used the dual flush feature which is good in theory. Well, giving it a try and hope it does reduce water usage and bills.

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