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2014-01-13 - 1:08 p.m.

I can't believe how late it is already. I intended on just looking for one item before leaving the house this AM- a car part, as I am heading out for a blood drive this afternoon so thought I would stop by my mechanic and bring the one Bosche part.. now so tired can't recall what its called. Anyway, I have this one part, but there are apparently six of them in my old car and the sensors for all six have been trippin. The trouble is they might be resolved if the one bad one is replaced. Mechanic knows its time and labor and therefore a big bill just to get in there to figure out which of the six have to really be replaced. It just didn't seem worth it by his honest estimation to dump $2500 into this car. That was consistent with the estimate my in town shop gave me to repair it. He said it may be less but it might be at least that if it turns out all six of those things are bad. He hopes it is just one or two and that the system shows them all bad when even one is.

But it will be cheaper to fix it than get a new car- provided I want a car (which I really don't , but figure will need once I get a new job. Putting it off until I really need it and can afford to dump money into it. Prefer not to do that and live without one until I actually am earing money to run a car! Can't afford it otherwise!)

I hit the wall of tireness so the basic word for the thing I had laying around here for MONTHS but can't find today is alluding me. I hope that is cause it is in the car.

HOly COw! As I was writing I just got a call from a company I would be REALLY excited to work for , in a job I would REALLY love (as a contract management attorney for a small company).

Hey maybe all things for a reason? I Really was getting frustrated at not being out the door yet and not finding the car part.

I instead spent ALL MORNING posting old Volvo parts for sale. Those I have in abundance (HA HA... not really , but a good half dozen which I never used. They included things like the water pump and timing belt I bought to then discover BOTH had been replaced. Yeah... dumb)

I am a bit frustrated that I need to post PHOTOS to have an E-bay listing. I can't find my cell phone, which is ALSO here somewhere to take a photo of some of the car parts I wanted to post.

CE la vie... got most posted, think the one I need for my existing car MUST BE IN IT. At least I was home to receive call from HR recruiter from a resume I sent out last week. This job would be a really good fit I think. Close to home,and I have the experience they want. Best of all its a SMALL group so I am sure it would be very easy to get along with them and not step on anyones toes. (I swear I think that is why I got canned. I can't help but think of deals where I had a suggesstion and then after it was shot down, after MONTHS of meetings of bashing ideas around a director turned to me asking what I had thought we should do- I repeated the shot down suggestion and was told to the silence of the group "draft it" Which I did to her pleasure to close the deal. I mean I think my creative thought process was really truly valuable, but wonder if at times I rubbed some the wrong way without even trying.)

So I guess all is good.

I am off to see if my iron is high enough to actually give blood today. I found some old pregnancy vitamins and have been taking them for the past five days along with folic acid in hopes of increasing my iron so I can give blood.

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