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2014-01-15 - 10:03 a.m.

Iorn was too low to give blood- 12.3 and it needs to be 12.5. OK, is it just me or does it happen to OTHER People that the only time your cell phone and internet access are BOTH impaired is when you have a person who wants to contact you to schedule an interview (or some other such imporant thing)? Yeah I thought it just might be me...

Good news is I never have an issue when electronics don't work as I have learned long ago NEVER TO RELY ON any of them without redundancy.


In any case, I did get in contact with the lady who wanted to schedule an interview as she called me and scheduled it BEFORE the inexplicable fritzing out of my cell phone that now won't take or receive calls but gives an error message "UNREGISTERED SIM"

How weird?

I mean it is stuff like that which I think a really good hacker could achieve- messing with an end user's computer system. But then again perhaps that thought is not realistic.

I think it IS realistic however considering my life experience. Good news is that the bank which had to set up access between accounts THREE TIMES did not have an issue THIS Month. (Inexplicably the approval and connection of accounts in NOV and DEC just "disappeared" in their system not once, but twice. The third time is the charm and it worked so THIS MONTH I actually had no trouble with it.)

Just weird computer issues in our computer based world which is why I prefer to do all I can off line. Ironic considering my work and bread and butter are based on computer technology.

The good news is I have two interviews for next week which is just the BEST as that means I am in the negotiating position. They are both in kick ass computer technology companies which boast the best cyber security as well. That is a key reason I LIKE working in this industry. I think someone could try to hack me personally all they want but if they should start messing with me at work it would be a good chance they are playing with a possible future of federal prison. Now who would really want to take that gamble?> I mean I think no game would be worth it and I feel like there is just a twisted game going on sometimes. Both companys happen to be companys that DO THE SAME EXACT THING (more or less). Both are seeking someone with my exact experience and skill set. Both are jobs doing EXACTLY what I did in my last job (which I honestly was really good at! ) If I am lucky the third company who had been courtin me for some time would also call back so I can leverage them as well. They are a company that sets salary based on other offers, and one of the three already told me they would meet my expectation if I get hired. Since they are procceding with background checks, etc, and I meet all the experience and requirements they want this one looks very good.

BEST OF ALL ITS ON THE BUS LINE! Really actually on the line without much of a walk at all unlike my last job that was out of the way but possible to get to by public transportation. WHOO HOOOO I wouldn't even NEED a car to get to the office every day . I could then get out of debt and pay off any obligations FIRST before dumping money into a car. That would be SO SWEET.

I so prefer NOT TO DRIVE.

In other somewhat funny news, the Bar examiners sent a letter indicating the narcolepsy doc gave details on my idipoathic hypersomnia, with comment that I have "severe" sleep disorder with the testing demonstrating I fall asleep on average of 4 min and 12 seconds.

So the Bar Examiners ask that he provide MORE DETAIL as to how that would impair my ability to navigate the exam. I mean When I read the letter I just LAUGHED as they said essentiually there was "no evidence" this would be an impairment so they need more information and copies of the actual tests he ran to even consider a request for an accomodation of more time.


It really was quite funny. I think anyone else would have read what the Dr. wrote would think ON ITS FACE it is pretty clear why an accomodation would be requested. I mean it seems rather obvious why falling asleep due to a nuerological condition during every exam EVER Taken just might be a legit reason to request more time to take the exam. That is the accomodation I hoped for and asked for- extra time to account for needed (and involuntary!) naps. I mean that is how I get work done when needed. I am FINE with stimulation of other people, interaction etc- but it is when sedentary and doing paperwork alone I can't keep lids up without help of medication OR just deal with getting up to get exercise every few moments, work in small chunks and plan on 12 hour days at the office. That works for me.

My doctors might get the supplemental "evidence" off in time. If not, should I have a great job on the line I will take this and do my best in FEB in hopes of passing regardless. I am doing BETTER on my practice tests for Crim and Constitutional Law after focusing on them for weeks. Would pass those areas it seems on the MBE at least. Working on Real Property and Evidence this week and need to work on a few practice essays this week in all four areas to get in the swing of those as well as the short answers of the MBE. Life is good! Looking forward to sitcom watching marathons with friends Pocohontas and Attorney as study break as my local Blockbuster went out of business so for .99 for each season I bought the whole first couple of seasons of a few shows: Arrested Development, Greys Anatomy among them. I only got the ones that had the first two seasons available. It will be odd for me, but I am going to watching TV shows. Heck I thin the last TV show I watched with any regularity was when I went to my granmother's and cleaned her house every Thu as a teen and watched Day's of Our Lives with her. OH- kids are on a Dr. Who kick so this weekend I did watch the early episodes of that show they streamed on the computer to share with me. I think it good to be Dr. Who literate, especially as I tend to work along with geeky engineers. That may in fact be a plus professionally. I also want to mention that I found it really rather funny that one of the requests for more info was sent by the BAR Examiner who sent an email referening a document , then a follow up "OH sorry here is the attachment I forgot"; and that one of my Dr.s made a couple of mistakes on the form filled out. The good Doctor read "other conditions ruled out" quickly as "other conditions" so wrote "BiPolar" . She is amending the form to read comorbitidy with bipolar. It was a nice conversation as I had to confirm which she really meant. Yes I am bi-polar undoubtedly with hypomania and thankfully not manic episodes of either crazy delusional ups OR downs. I mean I really think being hypomanic is a bit of a gift (except for the part about not really liking things like sitting still to watch TV or talk on the phone), just not really much of an impairment in life to be high energy, motivated and happy being busy getting things done all the time. I understand to tone down energy when with others as it is downright draining and exhausting for them to be around. I get that. I understand my friend former nanny who said once years ago that my constant energy was scary (or something to that effect.) I watched the attorney at work who was like me ( who was a very successful director), and listened to his group who said he was just EXHAUSTING to work with sometimes. I was so happy to have some terriffic , successful, professional folks who were open to discussing their challenges. So I get how to navigate the social interation- I think! Feedback from my bosses where I worked for that five and a half year was very helpful. So my Dr. agrees it is fine for me to get by without the medication I was taking for the time being as I do notice that while Lithium really helps that social interaction and tempers my energy , etc,, helps with focus and thinking not as tangentally but a bit more linerally etc... that until I AM in a job I am just fine not taking lithium. Since I don't have dangerous manic or depressive episodes but am steady hypomanic, the choice to medicate is for me a choice ( which is not the case for MOST with bi-polar frankly as without medication most can not function well in the world). I joked about my "manic" shopping spree of pioking up movies at Blockbuster. (I mean splurging on their clearance rack is the craziest I get with shopping sprees!Not that crazy to buy 30 movies for the family at .99 each and have them for us all for the next couple years of viewing! Cheaper than what most pay for cable each month.) I don't LIKE The way I feel when not on lithium as oppossed to being on it, however I don't like the pain I feel in my kidneys when taking it. That clearly is a side effect and one of great concern. When taking it my thinking is definately CLEARER and my mind CALMER. So continuing to get by without the medication regime I was on, and trying yet another which MAY help with ADHD as well as the bipolar symptoms. It is really a hit or miss try what is out there to see if anything works well balancing the pros and cons of medication. I do know it has been REALLY hard to focus and study for periods of time. I fall asleep or just can't pay attention THAT long. ADHD medications which are stimulants DEFINATELY caused paranoia, so staying away from those but this time trying Wellbutrin which is given primarily for deprssion in folks but has been reported to help with ADHD. Trying it to see if that helps me. It also has a warning to be careful if history of kidney problems. But going to give it a try and see if it has positive benefits.

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