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2014-02-12 - 4:32 p.m.

cheater here This is a copy paste of an e-mail to my Life Coach which gives a good update:

I am happy I did get an accomodation for the Bar exam which is in two more weeks! I received the letter indicating such on Feb 5 with the note the accomodation agreement had to be signed and back to them by that date! I got it faxed over in time thankfully.

They are allowing 25 % more time to complete the exam which may make a big difference for me. ( I always have had to guess at the last 20 questions on the multistate- without time to read those as I am just a bit slower at taking tests between dozing,...and I think sometimes memory impairment and processing are slower than normal as well.)

Some quotables from Bar Examiners letters which made me laugh:

" While your Doctor indicated a sleep disorder of idiopathic hypersomnia, the question of how this would affect ability to take the Bar Exam was not answered"
( They therefore wanted more information from my doctor which he provided).

In the "final report" after more info sent:
"The difficulty with msafire's file is that it seems to raise more questions than it answers ...."

" In summary this is a rather complicated file."

But they wrote they "gave the benefit of doubt" that I really do have ADHD that impairs ability despite the fact I never before sought an accomodation and have been academically successful in the past, along with other "issues".

I think I am In good shape overall with about ten more lectures to listen to between now and then but as doing NOTHING else (except one Valentine Date to see Violet at the Folger!) will get it done! This is DEFINATELY Substantially more study than I ever had time for before, and I think my study time is more effective . I think my retention is better than it was in the past (I hope!). It's a pass fail test so need to recall 70% and I will pass! Practice tests ARE CLOSE and not yet there but I am sure I can pick that up in the next two weeks as SO CLOSE and need to know just a bit more to be passing on the VA ESSAY questions. I am passing practive Mutlistate Bar Questions- but not by a very large margin and that part is worth 40% of the exam so working solely on VA subject matter and practice essays.

It was WISE to NOT HAVE A CAR as couldn't go anywhere easily. That was seriously the best time management move to encouarge study. I also started Wellbutrin about a month ago and am really happy it seems to help my ADHD as well as stimulants did but without the side effect of paranoia. So hope studying. Still unemployed and frankly glad of it as it has given me time to study and with tenants in my rented basement and unemployment insurance and SNAP getting by for the time being.I did have a few interviews in past couple of weeks but no offers. Getting interviews alone is encouarging as well.

SO I have booked my hotel and train ticket and am off to Norfolk to take the exam the last week of Feb! ( I waited until end of last week to make the final decision to take it or defer. )
Feeling good about it.

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