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2014-02-15 - 4:21 p.m.

Ranking of most difficult bar exams. Hope I don't ever have to refer to this as I hope to pass the VA Bar this time around.

Interesting to me just a little, but posting moreso as it's good to know I haven't been failing one of the EASIER states to pass! And good to know VA boasts the highest scores on LSATs of test takers- as since the scores are weighted utilizing a bell curve how smart the others taking the test are definitely weighs in on how hard it is to pass. I noticed this fact when taking classes at Georgetown where I was amazed at just how many really smart students were in the classes, and where it was harder to get a B than it was at UB Law at the time. Quality of the teaching was outstanding at both schools, but I have to say the students were far more competitive at Georgetown
(which frankly made me appreciate UB Law all the more.)

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