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2014-02-17 - 1:05 p.m.

Figures my new laptop that I ordered a month ago is missing. Thu night I headed to the attorney's right after the kids got picked up by Dad. As I was going to be spending all day Friday in D.C. while attorney worked, and then we were headed to see Violet at the Folger, before I left I took the laptop out of my bag in order to know it would be safe and to avoid any possible mishaps. I am forgetful and have been known to leave a bag here or there and to have to go back and find it. I have lost smaller electronic devices so decided I was best not bringing it with me.

As tenants were here and there is work being done on their basement bathroom and for the next few days while that is done they have to go upstairs to use a bathroom I was sure to close all the bedroom doors , actually cleared the hall so there is nothing there and its a clean right of access (landlord hat on). I had cleaned the bathroom well so it was ready for their use. I had also locked my bedroom door for safekeeping JUST IN CASE.

Trouble is I took the laptop out and put it in the living room (since I already locked the bedroom door and its a pain to open frankly). I know exactly where I placed it on the shelf as I wondered if that was a decent spot then thought " WEll the kids are not going to be here at all, and my tenants use the kitchen and will pass through upstairs but they won't be in my living room so it should be fine."

Considering no one should have been there. It is a thin small 11 inch notebook sized laptop so I just put it on the bookshelf on top of books.

Ironic as I thought that was wise for SAFEKEEPING so I couldn't misplace it.

When I came home after studying all weekend at the attorney's (As he has Saturdays off with his boys and his project he is working is actually open on Sat and Sun just now with mandatory 50 hr floor, and 60 hr ceiling for his work- its litigation discovery law firm work he does- so he was working on Sun. Since he gets up at 5 AM to leave for work to be in the DC office by 7AM and then works 12 hour days I really just opted to be kind and NOT make him spend the hour driving me back home until Sun night. I could have gone earlier but he really was tired. Sat after time with his boys he was out cold and I had two super productive days of study.

I also opted to stay there as these tenants have proved to be less than courtous to say the least.

Eviction forthcoming. I just WANTED to wait until they paid me rent due prior to doing that AND WAIT UNTIL AFTER I TRAVEL for this BAR Exam as don't want to give 30 days notice to one living in MY HOME and then leave it unattended.

Its nice to have the needed income to pay my mortgage- but this month's rent didn't come yet (promised with tax return when they get it.)

I can't afford to have someone here that is late with rent and a disruption to our lives here. I want a peaceful quiet happy home for my girls. The folks here were doing well at first , but then jobs were lost and they are fighting and just not courtous to me and the girls. I didn't mind if they had an occassional spat I could hear when the girls were NOT WITH ME and they resolved it. Hey they are a young couple... but the fact it has not gotten better and then they had a spat and needed intervention so one called for help on last Wed night just as my girls were arriving was not apprechiated. It was kinda short lived drama thankfully, but I want NO DRAMA in my home please.

So I also opted to stay at the attorney's all weekend as I was assured of quiet uninterrupted study.

The thing is, I KNOW where I put that laptop and I NEED one for the Exam next Mon.

Having my priority that test I don't have time for nonsense. Either it was Lifted and that would be too much drama and bother for me to deal with just now. Like the pending eviction I don't need the distraction. So either it was lifted by someone ( motives could be a few frankly- someone NOT wanting me to succeed? Crazy tenants who are definately off and on the way to being kicked out? )

OR it was really just misplaced and will turn up. HOPEFULLY it is the later.

So in line with the thought I am not investing time wasting it on drama at all, I very quickly just ordered a NEW ONE which will be here by Friday from Dell.

Same Damn laptop so my practice of writing on it is useful.

If the other turns up I just bought a nice gift for one of the kids.

If not, I know when to cut my losses

and the BAR EXAM is not a loss I am willing to cut.

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