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2014-02-23 - 1:41 a.m.

I awoke thinkin of the Bar Exam and how today I have to pack for my trip, leave instructions for the contractor hired who has finished the demolition of my basement bathroom, and get ready to hop a train to Norfolk. Note there was not anything put over the tub drain opening before the demo so hope its easy enough for the father son team working to pull out drywall debri without clogging that drain. I AM NOT TOO WORRIED about that... caps really a typo accident there. So in thinkin of this trip I realized I should put a hold on the mail for the few days as we have all sorts of little packages coming from an EBay shopping spree with girls to try to prevent costume jewelry raids of my bedroom. I don't have a ton of costume jewelry but they do come looking for pins to fasten capes with. So for $20 we won crazy bits for items at about 1.50 average coming from Hong Kong. Lots of those annoying little packages forthcoming. THE prized tardis necklace fpund forthe oldest came this weekend. But I digress like usual, as really came to vent once again about a reason small electronic devices are deceptive. OK GRANTED I AM on the nook, but still , it pretenfs to be a convienience to not have to get out ofbed, yet the USPS site to place a mail hold has a drop down menu I got stuck at. IT first ahowed only up to Hawaii. If I were superstitious I!d takeit as a sign next vacation should be a tryst to Hawaii with cute mailman, now named. But as I am not superstitious I fought with the Nook and tried to turn the screen to get the largest possible window in the drop down and for a while there then it was stuck on Arkansa which good God is just scary.... and I was then Super glad to not be superstitious as that is incidentally where McGill has his retirement plot on which to build his mountain retreat to hide from the world some day. So eventually I got a view all the way to Kansas ...but it wasn't budging further.

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