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2014-03-07 - 5:28 p.m.

How is this for cool- I went for a run this afternoon thinking I need to do this FOR ME.

I actually am looking forward to a family fun run with kids coming up, and a 5 K for me in near future. We have always had SO MUCH fun at the Turkey Trot that we have done as a family a few times.

I wished I had the kids for the Jingle Bell run but some year will!

This will be a nice Spring run for the whole family. Those who don't want to run enjoy cheering the rest of us on, and all the free food and "door prizes" that abound afterwards. We have an after run party that we are invited to somewhere so it will be a blast.

So the interesting thing is that I wrote about loyalty this AM for a bit. I just LOVE when there is something on my mind that then is presented to me in one of those seemingly more than coincidence moments, and that happened today (and just two days ago actually in another chance meeting with a woman who literally told me "You are like an angel that just came into my life" She REALLY said that as she had been reading about a place I then told her all about. I mean just to understand the scenario- we were perfect strangers to each other that just happened to be in the same waiting room. She was lingering talking on a cell phone AFTER an appoitment. I was early waiting for my appointment. We talked for about an hour after that- but the initial conversation was a bit uncanny and amazing to her as there were just too many conincidences for our meetings to have been RANDOM. One of them was that two of her good friends just happen to be women who are immigration attorneys. One I used to send work to as I couldn't work as an attorney yet but sometimes folks I helped when working under the supervision of an attorney for the benefit of his business clients sent others to me word of mouth. I looked and found ONE Immigration attorney in the 30 mile radius from where I live, and referred anyone who came to me to her. So that was one of the amazing meetings that happened when I was early waiting for my Dr. appt studying in the lobby.

But today's meeting is just as inspiring. I swear these things happen to me ALL THE TIME and are a solid reminder of the fact there is a spiritual realm that we can either ignore in life or tap into. I mean it is just too IMPOSSIBLE to be a coincidence to randomly run into these folks.

I STILL HAve the name of that Immigration lawyer who wanted to retire SOON that I met the best friends of a few years back. That was one of those amazing moments. I will look him up again , see if he is still working and if not in earnest consider making an offer to buy his business if other opportunities do not arise in the cards for me. That would be really wonderful frankly to actualize my dream and for his work to be able to be carried on (if he hasn't retired yet)should that be meant to be. See I really do believe that there are things we are meant to do if we are just brave enough to follow the leads set out for us. I will be open to looking into ALL POSSIBILITIES to see what comes to fruition.

The lady I met the day before yesterday said she has a philosophy in life of being Spirit led- being open to following where she believes she is meant to go.

So today's encounter was tremendously fun.

About a week or two ago I downloaded the first magazine on my Nook I am learning to accept and not have disdain for. (Words with Friends helped even though my aunt kicks my butt at that game!). In a spirit of acceptance I am now ENJOYING my Nook. The magazine is an aromatherapy magazine and I have had interest I never followed up on as of yet in learning more about that. Specifically I want to learn how to diffuse the oils out of the herbs and flowers I grow and help the girls to make perfume which has been their interest. I have developed a lovely herb garden with items that all have medicinal propertys but just don't know how to use them yet! (Lemon Balm, All Heal, Camomile, Hibiscus, Balloon Flower, Sage, Oregano, and Dill)

We have been colleting purfume bottles and once I have five nice bottles we will do this project. I also have a few other small spice jars, liquor shot bottles saved as well, but I want them each to have one really nice perfume bottle.

So just today I read a bit more of the magazine and thought "I need to find somewhere to get essential oils" as it occurred to me that while we can make some I would like to buy a few as well.

I experiemented with a $4 aromatherapy incense kit and realized that was just a terrible idea with asthma! I am likely the only one who ever burned incense and had a hepa filter on high right next to it to pull the smoke immediately.

Frankly that didn't have a relaxing effect on me but gave me a headache as I can't tolerate smoke well at all.

While on my run I noticed a new shop in town. I went in to check it out, as it seemed to be an outdoor adventure place so I thought perhaps they could adjust skis. I have two sets of skis and boots that fit two of my girls and me that need adjusting. I also won a bid on two lift tickets for something like $25 at a charity auction on bidding for for a place in PA within a few hours drive and my one daughter has a free lift ticket from the PA SNOWPASS program that just rocks!) We may have another upcoming snow day and their Dad is open to letting me get them for a ski excursion if it is one of these Virginia SNOW DAYS of perhaps a hint of snow resulting in school closing! I am VERY Excited he is on board with that plan!

I told him I would rent a car. As I am getting calls JUST NOW in the name of my one daughter who requested car insurance policys I am laughing as I speak as either he filled something out on line to send a message or prod
OR MY LOVELY DAUGHTER the calls are coming for IS CURRENTLY ON line and JUST clicked a link ! ( Suspect the later , but thought it would be funny if the first as well) E INSUANCE calling...and two or three others about car insuance I didn't pick up once I realized why the phone is ringing in succession.

Their Dad would LOVE me to get my car back on the road and I did mention it was READY today to be picked up from the mechanic. Awesome mechanic let it linger there for a few months.

I decided to pick it up Mon rather than today as I really don't want to worry about the HOA towing it and I have to set up insurance and renew its registration now that it can actually pass inspection before I can get it back on the road. (The mechanic may have already brought it through inspection but if not I have to do that as well.) Not ready yet as have to balance all my books first and run some numbers to see if that is fiscally even tenable. I opted to fix the mold issue in the basement first as that was a health concern I couldn't let linger so put money into that bathroom re-do rather than my car the past couple of months. Unlike the basement which I rent, anything I dump into the car is money I will NOT get back. So it was a better economic choice to fix the basement than keep a car on the road for the past few months as I will get a return on that investment.

So back to my story---sorry for the interruption of phone calls!

As I was enjoying my run, I noticed the outdoor adventure shop and stopped in. They do not service skis but rather have hiking gear (of course up my ally). There was a lady sitting at a wood table with all sorts of Aromatherapy oils. I just couldn't believe it!

I mean this happens to me all the time. I think about how I WANT Something in life and it manifests itself.

Phone again... maybe its a hint I should get car insurance? Well when ready I will have their info on my answering machine!

So last night a friend I was chatting with on the phone said " Sometimes I think you deprive yourself. Just go get your car. I would hate to see if something happened to you and you had held off on doing simple things for yourself to enjoy life."

My friend thought I was rationalizing all the reasons not to have a car and didn't really buy them. ( I think there is not full undersanding of my finances however.) I was discussing how great it is for my family life when the girls EXERCISE by walking and biking and how I think that really helps everyone's mood and things are so calm here! I noticed that change the first time I couldn't drive and we started walking everywhere and then made it a lifestyle choice as it benefits us all. I will run the numbers and consider it... I was formerly thinking the car would not be on the road until I landed a job and NEED a car to commute with. Even then if I land a job and don't NEED a car I have a hard time justifying dumping $400-500 a month into it which is the realistic cost to run a car for me with insurance, gas and maintenance. That's over $4000 a year I can think of better uses for! REALLY Dance or music lessons, paint and canvas and clay for the girls.. those are things I think would be wonderful and getting those rather than a car is certainly NOT depriving myself as I get such joy out of their happiness when being creative. But I digress...

Back to the story of today's run and cool meeting-

So I really enjoy chatting with the lady who practices aromatherapy and then had even more fun as she had a biofeedback machine and gave me an analysis! I have read of this and was interested but in the past it seemed the only place to have that done is Colorado or California. If you are here in Northern VA it seems you have to pay a fortune for biofeedback that is done out West as a free service! So I was just thrilled she has the technology and uses that tool as her sales device! (Meaning FREE for the analysis for me)

What came up was that I would benefit from CORIANDER. Read on as this just is rather amazing considering a the topic of LOYALTY has been on my mind and I wrote of it just earlier today. I laughed as she started to read this and said "So I am also a commitment phobe of late. A few good reasons for that commitment phobia- why but YES this is spot on." Perhaps my thinking of loyalty in terms of a work relationship is a first step in healing that in other relationships?

Pretty wild! PS: The device used IS on the Quackwatch affiliates site Device Watch! Nonetheless it was certainly a really fun experience and I so enjoyed my afternoon! I found the Coriander oil on E-Bay but am going to see how much it is actually sold for at the local shop as I think what is being provided is valuable. Hey even if it is not scientifically proven, if people subscribe to aromatherapy , then it WILL WORK for them as the mind is a powerful thing! I truly believe in mind over matter and really am not concerned with whether something is technically PROVEN to be legit. The experience of aromatherapy is so very relaxing that I am convinced it is good for one'e health even if only a placebo effect! * And I still think the outcome of my biofeedback reading was very cool!

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