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2014-03-07 - 7:26 a.m.

I really liked this article (and was surprised).

The only thing I think missed is to also recognize ANY situation is temporary and you can either change by leaving it OR if have the fortitude stick it out and don't let the negativity stick realizing inevitably THE OTHER person with conflict will eventually move on.

Maybe I am just TOO Patient and with my weird sense of time see YEARS as a small, temporary moment.

I also may just have a higher pain tolerance than others (as in ignore it!). Really- I tend to just pay little attention and get focused on doing the best job I can at whatever it is.

Speaking of pain tolerance, humor also goes far in being truly happy admist what could be a really uncomfortable work position.

I find WRITING a great way to identify the humor of a moment.

Too bad I am a bit lazy when it comes to writing as what I SHOULD do is capture all those hilarious moments of life that are funny.

Trouble I have is great respect for protecting the privacy of the characters I come across in life.

OH The Jerry Springer episodes of my tenants would have made a good read! But I have this problem in that I won't write about work (except did so VERY RARELY), as I have that old fashioned sense of loyalty. Loyalty used to be a trait in working relationships. I also have that old sense fashion of PRIDE. I was actually PROUD of my job and very happy to be working there when I was.
I mean I would never dis a company I work for just like I would never dis family. You work within your own systems to affect change.

That doesn't mean you don't get outside help from experts! (And sometimes unfortunately that even means, as in the case of Jerry Springer episodes calling for emergency backup- 911 )

However , even when doing so, there is a compassion and empathy and still sense of LOYALTY that I feel like should be in a RELATIONSHIP. (Note loyalty does NOT require EVER putting up with abuse or ignoring unethical or illegal behavior!!)

I mean until one HAS NO CHOICE but to press charges as they have really been abused, or HAS to be the whistleblower because their attempts at affecting change within an organization failed- I see working WITHIN the system as the right thing to do.

Hey divorce is sometimes the only remaining viable option after all else has been tried.

But then I can't see dissing your Ex. Whether is ex spouse or ex employer you CHOOSE that partnership because YOU WERE ATTRACTED and at some point made a contract to believe in each other.

I think that is the hardest part of job hunting. I am looking for the right partnership of a company I can TRUST and that I think DESERVES MY LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT (for the short term at least- I wouldn't take a job if I couldn't see myself content in it for a five year run I guess.)

It is hard to find that when there is an trend of companies AND employees themselves NOT thinking of a working relationship in those terms anymore.

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