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2014-03-14 - 7:41 a.m.

Bad News: My plans of cleaning my room were an epic fail, despite attempts at positive reinforcers which I thought would be motivating.

Need to sleep after a night of shin pain I could not kick, and the absolute inability to fight sleep when attempting to watch MPRE review video resulted in most of yesterday dreaming rather than studying and cleaning as planned.

Today is another day ....

I awoke last night when the attorney called as he left the office early for a change of late. They are off the mandatory 60 hr min work week thankfully as the trial that was in prep for likely happened. He is good about that confidentiality thing so I can only surmise.

I actually LOVE that he NEVER EVER Talks shop. Really! Other than vetting a few questions when studying for the CCCM exam , NONE when studying for the BAR, but a few good discussions now as I prepare for the MPRE, we rarely talk law. We typically enjoy a good movie or talk about a good book I read and recommend.

So last night , as my tenants are gone I told him to feel free to bring his laundry here to get done while we watched a movie. We enjoyed Welcome to the Rileys which is one of the many .99 movies I picked up when Blockbuster went out of business near me.

GOOD NEWS: The only weigted balls in my children's collection of shiny things are those they had before I ever heard of ... darm muy memory is so bad... that all was a stall thinking the word would come I have to look it up... We shei? WA MA??? NO idea.... That terrible short term memory thing and need to study before I recall new language thing is a challenge.

In any case, found my own newly acquired COUGAR BALLS. Am happy to report that I FORGOT that I had moved them thinking they might be found where I had stashed some other new things (costume jewelry), and therefore they were better hidden in my personal possessions.

I just forgot WHERE.

To give a quick report:

They are anti-climatic.

I don't think these will actually ever really arouse ANY WOMAN and think it is marketing by men that indicate such.

Really.... Cliteracy 101 is a great art project all should look up as boy do we need to improve in that knowledge.

I mean it is like saying "Put in a tampon for a good orgasm"

Boys it doesn't work that way.

Just cause something is THERE doesn't mean there will be ANY EFFECT.

As far as helping with the pee problem of mothers I am also skeptical.

It is true perhaps one has to tighten muscle to keep the balls from slipping out as one sits down. The slight movement as walking around is easily gotten used to I found. I think it may help strengthen if they were kept in and one was walking and then sitting up and down enough to cause repetitive tightening to prevent them falling out but frankly THOSE ARE DIFFERENT MUSCLES I BELIEVE than ones exercised in the KEGAL. DIFFERENT Muscles completely from those active in orgasm and I am also positive different muscles at play that cause incontinence after multiple children.

I am thinking this is marketing by men without knowledge.

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.

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