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2014-03-30 - 4:33 p.m.

Lovely relaxing Sunday in which I enjoyed going shopping and cooking. Attorney and I went to lunch yesterday after he picked me up at the car dealer that I dropped my latest car at.

Once again I have an old car (that replaced the Toyota Sienna about two years ago) which will not pass inspection until the mystery emissions trouble causing perpetual lighting of the check engine light to be on is either discovered and fixed, or the car is sold to someone in West Va where they do not have emissions requirements.

Truth is I don't really WANT to have to get a car on the road. I just so love what it does to a family's lifestyle when carless.

I was going to bike back from the dealer, and was actually kinda looking forward to the 25 mile ride. The weather made it less appealing as it was cold and rainy yesterday. I LOVE running in the rain but biking in it is a different story! That can be rather miserable.

So instead I was happy to get a ride and then afterwards went to lunch at a Greek restaurant where the owner had on The Food Network. Not having TV at all it was actually really fun to watch a couple cooking shows and chat with the owner whose dream is to have his kids make a video of him to submit to one of those shows. HE was really excited about his love of cooking and such a joy to talk with.

I had started talking to him telling him how much fun it was to watch the shows as I don't have TV. He opened right up first saying "I used to watch the news but it is so depressing! I got depressed so now I watch cooking shows all day long", and then and chatted for a while telling us about his favorite shows.

So today I was excited to go shopping and get all the ingredients to make scallops with roasted brussle sprouts, served with Polenta. The recipe was by a contestant who also was adding Pomegranates to the brussle sprouts but in haste they never got added to the final dish. My supermarket aptly was today out of Pomegranates. Bobby Fay I think is the name of the chef who seems to have put a variation of the recipe on the food network blog with artichoke and sundried tomato on top.

I made a wonderful Israeli cous cous side earlier today ( bit of cinnamon and bay leaf added while simmered in Chicken broth, then tossed with roasted pine nuts, parsley and lemon zest), so now am going to enjoy roasting the brussle sprouts and preparing scallops.

MMMM.. Cooking is so much fun and I haven't taken the time to do this in a while. (Other than quick routine staples like lentil, chicken and minestrone soups, chili , and biscuits). I have the standard family favorites I make. One is the cheapest frozen white fish found at Target- Swai or Tilapia, simply seared with butter then simmered with either caramelized onions or green onions and a cup of white wine of choice. Goya cooking wine is good, but you can use what you have on hand.

The MPRE was yesterday in the town I brought the car to right after taking the exam.

So todays relaxing and cooking feels like a celebration as I have done all I needed to in order to meet my goal of becoming an attorney. I feel like I completed the climb and have successfully made it over that mountain.

I will hear the results from the VA BOARD of BAR EXAMINERS in about one more month!

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