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2014-04-04 - 8:20 a.m.

An acquaintance I am a fan of wrote how they learned they are not effective at communicating via e-mail. Although the person can write poetry, and communicate great depth of emotion in their writing and artistic creations, the person wrote an apology to being unclear and misunderstood when e-mailing.

What struck me was the comment that the person was guilty of writing too early in AM or too late at night without reflection.

I refrained from commenting (as I ALWAYS do when I read what this acquaintance writes- I constantly fight the urge to articulate immediately what my reaction is because so much of what this person says, writes or creates just resonates with me. I hold back knowing that I can come on too strong and conscious to not engage in conversation unless ASKED or invited to participate!) The comments written made me think of how I personally realized at some point that when I FIRST emotionally respond to an e-mail, that the writing I find is most often FOR ME.

I have developed a habit of that initial emotional and cathartic flow of uninhibited writing being a JOURNAL entry for myself rather than an e-mail. Sometimes I just then cut and paste those entrys here as the personal reflections spewed out when fingers hit keys yet they were really my own words for my OWN needs. The act of writing alone is very therapeutic for some.

I find then, that after the initial spewing I can relax, meditate, and reflect with a more open attitude and receptiveness, having in a way gotten rid of any initial blocks to communication. In a sense that first reactive and impulsive response is the letting go of my ego to let there be an open space for receptiveness.

Only when receptive can one then really let the other person in.

Once in that state of having LET GO of self to a degree, and for me this happens in this process of writing, I then find I can be not only more receptive but more effectively communicative by hitting the heart of a matter with greater precision, clarity and effectiveness.

I fought the impulse to comment on the entry I read.

As after all, I don't want to make it all about me (or frankly at all about me in this case).

Listening is at times the best form of understanding one can offer another.

Sometimes that is enough.

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