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2014-04-14 - 12:41 p.m.

I have a goal of one day running the Marine Core Marathon with my friend the Marine. For me it would be a celebration of his life, overcoming obstacle, and just a wonderful personal accomplishment as well, in addition to a celebration of friendship.

In thinking of what I would like to do to get ready to meet that goal, I thought about a triathlon. It never occurred to me before I saw a booth when registering for the Cherry Blossom run of traithaloners. When I chatted with the ladies they said the biggest challenge is typically the swim, as many don't swim.

I had said, "I love swimming! I swam every day in college, so that would not be a problem for me."

So today as I was encouraging the girls to go on a bike ride and thus far having no takers, I was thinking of how perhaps a triathlon would be a great next goal.

I think I would enjoy that more than a long run, and the preparing for it would get me in better shape for long term activity so I would be closer to being able to run a marathon.

Last year I considered running a half marathon in my area but the cost of entry and the fact I wasn't running regularly dissuaded me. Not being tired after a 5K, and not being tired after a 37 mile bike ride that I took last week make me realize I can now step it up.

So I googles Loudoun Triathaon, and first found a site for joining a fund raising team for a great cause that I filled out info on so they can send more information. That would be one way to have support, disciplined structure of a rountine, and a group to train with to meet whatever one's own personal fitness goal is.

Funny how I keep just a FEW things private! I will mention that organization only After I participate!

The next thing I clicked on was a shocking surprise.

A woman in Loudoun County who was in training for a triathlon was found dead in her home. It appears that her ex- husband has murdered her.

This is so very tragic and really hits me hard. I feel so very sad for the children. I hope they don't grow up to hate their father. I thing hate destroys more than anything and I hope the kids can heal and find a way to feel whole. I hope the man who murdered his wife can heal as well and be forgiven by family , friends and community and be helped . Trouble is that narcissists never think they need help! Once one has murdered his ex-wife however, maybe it will then be time to wake up and face the reality that mental health help is needed!

I just wish this man could have recognized and sought help BEFORE such a tragedy compels him to.

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