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2014-04-24 - 12:59 p.m.

Went to the VA BOARD OF BAR EXAMINERS page and it turns out that results are to be posted today! (Or as they say "expect to be" posted!) I discovered this at 11:59pm last night. I was rather good and went to bed at about 12:02 as since not posted at midnight sharp figured it would then happen during office hours! Today after getting the girls off to school I have worked on folding laundry, but have been obsessively checking status of results on line. I also was trying to figure out my forgotten password to see about when the MPRE results are expected.
I need BOTH as well as approval from the BAR EXAMINERS that I pass their moral and well being character and fitness evaluation and their blessing in order to work as a lawyer!

I think I have already googled all those I love ( HA HA- my favorite procrastination technique starting with my talented oldest children!) to see any cool news, published writings, show announcements, photos etc so after as much procrastination made a pubic FB post it was time to seriously clean house and stop obsessively checking the site for results! Proud to report I only checked ONCE since that public announcement ! (SEE Setting a goal then publically announcing really helps with follow through as there is then accountability) In this instance it worked a bit- I did check the laundry (which was still wet), turned on the dryer, and brought baseball clothes and gym clothes down to the basement to be washed next before Saturday's game.

Picked up a few more random items deposited in the living room... took another tour of appraisal of the basement project progress. Noted the round tiles were taken by my contractor guy who I think is a little challenged honestly with how to work with the circular shapes. I think he is procrastinating that final wall and perhaps took them to the artist or another tile worker to get some help.... just an inkling... I offered an alternative of returning those and going with other really beautiful tiles with CHICKENS. The chicken tiles really WERE adorable, but I felt just not right for my townhouse! They really belong in a true country kitchen- meaning one actually IN the country! I just have an issue with the country kitchen theme in a modern suburban HOA. Maybe that is just me....but I thought the green and brown of the lovely chestnut leaves and chestnuts were really beautiful , classy and a little more universally appealing than a CHICKEN theme for a town house rental kitchenette area.

The guy working for me did convince me to OK the installation of the detail tiles ON TOP of the other really lovely so called home depot special Italian "artisan" brown and tan tiles. (Really- they are made in Italy! YES The Home Depot Special artsy , earthy look is just rockin in the bathroom so nicely that I bought those tiles for the kitchen area.)

I actually concurred with the installation on top of other tile idea as the guy doing my tile work was REALLY nervous about the possibility of breaking the beautiful art of Joan Gardiner. The tile I bought for the detail are curved with a circular pattern and are so cool as the tiles all nest together and can be arranged in a random falling leaf pattern. They are circles with a cut out where one fits with another. The only cut we agreed he would make is at the bottom of each tile to make them flush with where they meet the counter top. He was also nervous with his skill set at cutting out the circles to set the tile into the larger square (and admirably not afraid to admit this and take on something not comfortable doing). He confirmed he had the tool to do so, but that it would be REALLY SLOW and that he was honestly not that experienced at that kind of detail work and nervous that he might break the larger tiles these were to be set into. A design of smaller cuts to fit and frame around the circular detail could be done- but as he said it would cost so much more in labor and potentially materials if there were broken tiles. He was honest about his ability and I really appreciated that. He did a BEAUTIFUL job with the other pieces of art that are embedded in the walls of the shower but those are standard square tiles so not as difficult to work with.

I COULD have swapped out the ones I got for the Chicken theme as there were three adorable chicken tiles- one a rooster, one a MAMA HEN and one of the little baby chick that the colors of matched the other tile perfectly!. However Joan herself offered to assist him if he needed help with the chestnut tiles. and I think since the tiles are not here that he may have in fact taken her up on that offer. She also said if they don't work I can swap them out and get the Chicken ones from her.

I also did think that on the wall rather than have the cut out of the background it will look rather cool for the backsplash behind the kitchen counter to be three dimensional with the design tile raised by installing them right on top of the so called "Italian artisan" tiles. I really DO like that idea. The detail will just pop out ! It shouldn't affect functionality of the counter. Its not an overly busy design or too many detail tiles- just three sort of off center of the fallen leaves and chestnuts, then two on the left side of that and one more on the right side . Its all off center as I want the detail over the counter (not behind the sink itself) and when we held them up where they will be in they looked so classy and beautiful!

So the guy working for me is being challenged a bit. I am POSTIIVE he will rise to the occasion and it will be beautiful!

I am also positive he shifted from working on the tile to finishing all the plumbing, electric and painting as a bit of productive procrastination and taking a breather while mentally preparing for the challenging tile cutting task. I get that. He is a little nervous and afraid of cracking one of these art pieces.

Project going slow but I am REALLY happy with what is done! I am just so thrilled to have the broken pipe found and fixed and have water outside! I mean that job alone, and the fixing of the water heater which the installers truly did not do the best job on were both well done and saved me money as had I hired a plumber that would have cost a fortune to get done. The plumbers here didn't want to touch that job of finding the broken pipe!

The guys working were SO jazzed they found it quickly!

There are also two new lights installed and they look just great! A new one in the living room area and one over the kitchenette. The counter top is done and it really is lovely- water on , electric done. I am repeating myself- but it is getting CLOSE to being finished which is exciting. My respite of being home WITHOUT managing a tenant has been a nice break!

OK, hard to get motivated to clean. I need to garnish super energy... maybe a run will get me moving! That might be the next tactic since I haven't been exercising as much for the past week while I have a loaner car while the dealer looks at my car to try to figure out what is wrong with its emissions system. A used manifold with a 90 day warranty was found and is being installed. After that we will see what the prognosis is- whether it will be emissions inspection ready or if there are STILL some problems. Then evaluation of whether worth keeping the car will be made.

Honestly, I would prefer to open an office in walking distance and remain living carless. I think it better physically, economically, and environmentally.

Just one last procrastination item before digging into housecleaning... really.... I am going to google CHESTNUTS to see if they are symbolic of anything cool. - AH_ Quick update (which is proof that sometimes being quiet and waiting , a/k/a "procrastination" rather than being productive CAN be very valuable!) I am happy to have found this: - - I interpret this as the CHESTNUT TREE being a symbol of HOPE. Apt to be that which I am adorning my home with.

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