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2014-04-25 - 2:58 p.m.

So happy that all the kids are coming here and that Katie and her Dad worked through their spat such that she is coming to visit tonight with her sisters as I have some family in town- but then going back home to Dad's tomorrow morning. He was gracious to offer to have them stay with me tonight to visit with my family (even though they normally are with him this weekend).

I think that it is good news that Katie is not being brought to stay- as they both calmed down from when upset and worked through what they were both upset about.

That is progress.

I think that is better for Katie than if her Dad was so frustrated that he dropped her off to me with the attitude he didn't WANT HER to live with him. People sometimes say things they don't mean when angry and while that is terrible I think it WORSE if they don't learn how to actually then take accountability , say sorry and try to do better moving forward.

If Katie wanted to come live with me rather than Dad that would be fine, but if so I think it much better if it is a thoughtful decision mutually planned for her good rather than a rash dropping her off in Frustration and anger.

However even that would be better to do than abuse a child as one doesn't ask for help.

I am still sad for her that the difficulty arose in the first place, but relieved that it is being worked through by Katie and her Dad ( I hope).

So if anyone EVER asked me to help with a child- mine or another , I would ALWAYS be willing to give an ear, have a conversation if that is what is needed (which thankfully last night turns out what was helpful) OR then watch the kid.

Any of my girls are welcome any time. They know that and their Dad knows that.

I am much relieved as I just spoke with Katie's Dad and was so very sad for her all day long.

In other news I am not on the list of those who passed the BAR EXAM in VA.

That is a big disappointment. That however is something I can do something about so while a disappointment does not sadden me. It just means this study was preparation for the now continued study as I will sign up and take the West VA BAR EXAM next.

I have no doubt I was CLOSE to passing (as always!).

The situation with Katie and her Dad however really deeply saddened me as I am really virtually powerless in that situation to make the changes needed.

I mean custody was given to Dad with full knowledge of the issues.

We all have to do the best we can with that as agreed upon and its up to Katie and her Dad to navigate their relationship.

I am so happy they both had clear heads in the AM and what sounds like a good conversation without anger and with some understanding of each other and expectations.


Now off to pick up my car from the dealer where it is ready (but not fixed), They did replace the manifold but after testing of the gas finally figured out why it won't pass emissions yet.

There is crap in the gas tank.

Mechanic thought it was compromised.

Ce la vie....

Life goes on.

It should be a lovely weekend with family visiting.

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