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2014-04-30 - 11:39 a.m.

Just ordered the NCMA review materials for the Certified Federal Contract Management Exam.

I opted to not take the Certified Professional Contract Management Exam which is both Commercial and Federal but rather to first tackle the Commercial piece and then the Federal piece if I didn't land a Commercial Contract Management job.

Six months later ...
time to study for and take the Federal Certification exam as well.
Its a viable back up plan to increase my marketability. I estimate about 80% of contract specialist, contract administrator or manager jobs in this area are dealing with the federal government. It is a different ball game than commercial contract management.

I am grateful from my friend at my old job who has been a contract manager for 19 years now, who mentored me about this profession, and let me know of NCMA itself and the certifications.

Heard from another company I interviewed with. This is the one I spoke with SEVEN Times! They hired someone else. I had sent a Thank You note to the hiring manager after the interview (A MUST) and it came back with the wrong address! I also SHOULD have called to follow up more timely- but did not. I know how it works- the one who calls for follow up often will get the job! I just mailed the card as I honestly didn't REALLY want the job thinking I would pass the VA BAR Exam! I got an e-mail from HR and then today called the hiring manager to inquire if the position he was hiring for was filled or if I was still under consideration. ( They have a number of postings and I have interviewed for at least three different positions in the same role of CM but different depts.)

I was going through the interviews figuring if I landed a job there great-
but I REALLY just want to open an Immigration office.

That is after all what I went to law school to do.

So I am continuing to persue plan B for that goal:

I have been completing a BAR EXAM application for another neighboring state and requested the passing MPRE score to be sent there.

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