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2014-05-07 - 9:35 a.m.

I enjoyed volunteering yesterday as an election monitor on behalf of one of the candidates for Mayor of my town.

I am also happy to report my candidate won.

I found out as I took a walk this morning and ran into the principal and an admin from the Middle School at our local market who were purchasing flowers.

It is nice living in a small town (although this is a suburb at this point and no longer a small town- it still has that feel.)

At the polls I saw the owners of the Orchard that I live next door to and was happy to run into them as I listed them as references for the WV Legal Board who want references for every phase of one's life to affirm credibility of candidate.

WV is more thorough frankly in their background check than VA, which I think is good.

I told them I was going to stop by as used them as a reference from the years of running a family farm with my Ex husband when we sold our produce at their stand. They said "Come by and see us!"

They are happy to be a reference. It is terrible I haven't been by but will bring the girls soon.

The lady farmer said when I told her of having failed the VA BAR
"Margaret Mitchell submitted Gone with the Wind Thirty Seven times before it was published."

"Think what would have happened if Abraham Lincoln gave up as he lost EVERY election for local he ran in until he won the Presidency."

Those are good reminders of why perseverance and hard work are qualities most needed for success.

Milton Hershey is another example, along with a fired employee of SW Airlines who then went on to start Jet Blue and recently sold it to his old employer who thought him not good enough as his ADHD and unique style, including high energy , just scared them.

These are all good things for me to think about and be reminded of as I write as a warm up this AM prior to writing a statement to the National Board of Bar Examiners as to why they should consider allowing me to take the Bar Exam for a sixth time.

I had not realized that was a requirement for the National Board of Bar Examiners- I did miss that detail. I was thinking that was a STATE requirement for Virginia. It is also there in the National Board requirements.

So I need to draft my letter and send it out promptly.

I found a Bar Exam review course I am eager to enroll in, but don't want to drop the $1500 before knowing they are going to allow me to sit for the exam.

I also hope the "sale" of $1000 off does not pass prior to my enrollment. I was tempted to just enroll but decided to be patient just a couple of more days.

I might re-think that, as if it goes up I waste $1000, but if I enroll and even if they DON'T Let me take the exam it won't be money wasted as I still get the course to study WV law and the knowledge. Heck ,maybe that is silly- but there is STILL SOME VALUE received for only $500 more. Better spend $1500 to get something than throw away $1000 , right?

(Especially since the second choice will cost $2500 whereas the first is a $1500 gamble.)

May just enroll as I really want to start study immediately. I NEED to if I hope to pass the exam.

This morning I did take a walk and take my car to the shop to see if it would be able to be tested for emissions. The Check engine light is not on, but after the LAST work of a new manifold, seal- the computer is not able to be read yet. It still has not reset. Suspicion of after market part that takes much longer than the typical 100 miles for it to reset to be read by computer system.

THe guys at the shop said they have seen a car that had to be driven 800 miles before it would re-set!

I already registered it for the ONE TRIP ONLY that DMV allows to more a car between one spot and another. I chose Staunton VA and tool my girls to the wonderful Frontier Museum in the late afternoon, enjoyed a picnic dinner and then watched Othello here as our lovely Spring Break day trip in hopes of resetting the car computer monitoring system :

On the way home the computer DID finally re-set, which I unfortunately could tell by the Check Engine light that popped up!

So it reset and showed a still unresolved emissions problem.

That was before the LAST TRIP to the dealer! I had been SO PROUD That I had rode the 37 miles on my bile to pick up the car the week before (Awesome ride!). I couldn't believe I had to STILL have more diagnostic work done on the car!

So I took the trip back to Fredrick, MD where the dealer is, thankful it is next to this family friendly cheap ticket second run movie theater:

That was when they said they HOPED the replacing of the intake manifold and its seal would work. (They had noted there was a damaged seal before but hoped it would pass regardless. They had ALREADY done $1400 worth of work BEFORE That. )

So another $800 later, with a new intake manifold and the car can not be tested as the on board computer diagnostic system is not getting read.

They also told me the gas was contaminated. They said there were blue specks in it.

Bad gas can cause problems with the O2 sensors which is what the initial thing my local mechanic worked on- replacing those to clear that code.

Crazy thing is this is JUST LIKE THE VOLVO- a car that DRIVES FINE but that I can not register!

I STILL think it is always cheaper to find the trouble and fix the used car one has than get another old junker or new car (That is if you can find the problem and fix it).

I unfortunately keep hitting this check engine , emissions trouble! Dealer says I may need a new gas tank or have it cleaned. Hmmm....

I did price a new fuel pump and filer for about $250 on my favorite used car site:

I happen to have respect for the law ( REALLY!) I mean why would one want to become a lawyer if one did not? SO I don't want to drive an illegal car. Not to mention if I do and get pulled over I would lose the privilege of driving. So I am back to walking and biking everywhere (It was nice to have a loaner from the dealer for a week).

Trouble is that I envisioned opening a law office within walking distance and really living life without need of a car. I really thought I could manage with public transportation and make a decent living and run my own office.

Now I will need a car to set up shop in WV if I do pass that Bar Exam.

It is still a better commute than D.C.!

Enough warm up, now to go write my letter as why I am worthy of being considered to be a lawyer and allowed to take the Bar Exam a Sixth time!

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