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2014-05-07 - 6:23 p.m.

Ever skeptical, I had to do some resarch to find out if it is REALLY true that Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind was rejected 37 times prior to publication.

Turns out someone else did the research and that is a myth-

This is a good example of why I would be a good lawyer. I do the due diligence to be sure I have facts correct before crafting an argument.

In my persuasive letter I am striking that reference to Gone With the Wind.

Somehow saying how I research prior to crafting an argument doesn't have the emotional punch of the prior line.
It WAS an effective, motivating story!

Now to google Honest Abe. Maybe I can at least end with
"Had Abraham Lincoln given up after his losses when he ran for political positions and lost prior to his final attempt, we may not today know his name.
Who knows whether I may end up as an exceptional attorney that one day becomes a household name?
I believe that is in fact possible, but only if I continue with unwavering persistence and hard work to achieve my goals; and only if there is a Board of Bar Examiners that allows me to keep trying."

Or is that just a bit much?

I have another paragraph to temper that and not make me possibly look like a narcissistic, delusional nut, but frankly I like that as the ending to my letter. The next paragraph of my more humble goals is one I am inclined to cut. It does mention my actual goals, but really EVERY attorney want to be has typical goals so I think those can be left unsaid.

ON to research to be sure there are no untrue facts being used in my persuasive letter!

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