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2014-05-31 - 9:53 a.m.

I am happy to report that there is a theater in my town who would love to put on The Laramie project.

The reason it has not been done yet is that a SPACE needs to be found.

For obvious reasons, those who work in Children's theater, and those who collaborate in elementary and middle school would not be the right group nor would that be the correct venue (and those pretty much cover MOST of the existing theater groups in Buffalo. I swear if I don't pass this bar perhaps I will then open a Laundromat/ Theater. Could that work as a combined use of space? SUDS AND DUDS combos work... Bookstore /coin laundries are known to have worked... so how about a theater/coin laundry? I need to brainstorm for a great name....

I feel like this town could use an "alternative theater" space... heck it could use a so called "alternative" ANYTHING...SOME PLACE for divergent opinions to be expressed. The boy who was suicidal recently came out that he was gay and faced bullying at school (reported by local teens who have come forward to talk to their parents about this), AND also initial resistance to acceptance from his family.

I say "initial resistance" hopefully as clearly his family did love him and are so broken by his death.

This is a very conservative community and I think the family could have used education, as the whole community could, on how to handle such news of a person being gay when it is so very unfamiliar to them, rather than respond in FEAR.

So I hope that someone does do that show as I see it as one way to start educating our community.

I reached out to the Teach Tolerence program of Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as a few other SORTA local (meaning at least in my state) organizations. They are all sad to report NONE have a presence, despite trying to for a while, in Loudoun, VA where I live-
This one of the wealthiest counties in the country.

Sorely lacking resources in so many areas:

Public Transportation
Education of anything other than STEM
Child Care
Medical Care
Mental Health Care

In good news, my omlette made with beautiful chives- flower included for a lovely presentation is ready according to the beeper on stove top. We have leftover potatoes (fries) from a nice dinner out last night as we all were very lucky sweet attorney was off work early and was spending the afternoon with me and graciously joined us for the evening (as our "driver man" as well which enabled:
1. Me to not be in a bind when at about 6:00 my Ex called to leave a message "OH guess you are not home so I can't drop off the girls, pick them up at school"

( I was in the middle of something and did not choose to answer the phone... it was actually a movie "Stravinsky and Coco" )

* TOTAL passive aggressive move when he did not answer either of his phones when I jumped up to call him back within seconds after hearing the message that came through. Typical

Had I not had company I would not have had ability to meet them other than walking and I am sure that was part of the intent- to give me a hard time then when I arrived LATE ( Or rather to DOCUMENT and artificially CREATE a record for purpose of litigation as I KNOW he is preparing his NEXT ROUND Of COURT. SEE It will never end... latest is he is talking of planning on moving out of state WITH The children which I think is a very good sign that at least HE as well as my friends think it very likely I CAN AND WILL PASS THIS NEXT BAR EXAM. That must make him feel threatened somehow and feel the need to intervene to thwart my success at being happy and achieving my goals.... but I NEED TO SQUELCH ANY FEAR BASED THOUGHT myself. I need to act and THINK OUT OF LOVE so I try REALLY HARD to think he is just really running out of money , and REALLY finding it hard to now find a job here... and think he REALLY NEEDS IT and therefore the talk of a move out WEST is not malicious.

He is also narcissistic enough to think I would go too!

The offer was extended " I would help you move" and even more delusionally " I can help get the company to move you and likely ALSO get you a job"

OH YEAH - Perhaps he is in a manic phase? Sounds a bit grandiose to me...

But I should stop being mean.

And go eat the omlette which I hope is just perfect, and take my MEDS so it is not a RAMBLY Day but I have some focus...)


# 2. reason for our luck at lovely company of attorney -
Katie got to get a ride to her best friend's birthday party which she would have otherwise missed (No wheels to get her there...too late for us to bike to arrive timely)

#3 Was that I so enjoyed taking both girls (some of them) and attorney to dinner for a change between school event where they were met and during duration of Katie's friend's party(DAMN I NEED A BETTER KNICKNAME AS NO ONE SHOULD EVERE BE DEFINED BY JOB ONLY....AVOCATION MAYBE.... but JOB DEFINATELY NOT... but he is still working on figuring out who he is and who he wants to be other than that role, Dad and provider... the typical suburban white picket fence thing... He has just not yet reinvented himself, in part as the responsibility of the role of provider for his children is still very admirably his # 1 priority, so the maintenance of that old life of his which is STILL their's is a responsibility he carries graciously during this phase of life.)

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