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2014-06-01 - 2:16 a.m.

After ranting this AM in my blog here, I went downstairs to enjoy the most awesome omelet, to discover there were SEVEN unheard messages on my answering machine.

So I stand corrected, as the girls' Dad DID Call me to indicate there was a school event MUCH earlier in the day than 6pm. I however had not picked up the messages as that call must have come in while I was out and about walking around.

I took a walk over to my garden plot to find disappointingly it HAS STILL not been tilled!

The town gave the option to have the rented plot tilled or not. As I added a number of things to amend the soil and fill in the space from the big mound of rocks we pulled out when working that land the past two summers, it is really in need of a good tilling to blend the amendments in a bit better. Last year I had one spot too heavy on peat moss in which few things grew. Other sections were a better mix of the VA clay and peat moss and another soil I bought. I spent a good bit last year building up that plot after the rock removal.

So this year I really want it tilled. Despite the fact there is hay from where I made paths, That shouldn't hurt too much as the other kinds of soil should all get mixed in and blended better than they are. I don't want a dead spot in the garden again!

I then need to run a couple soil tests (which I have so I can do those myself), and further amend if needed to adjust the ph.

The person who used to run the community garden is no longer there. Someone new took it over and its really disappointing it is taking them so long to till! This was done in mid April in the past, or early May at the latest. We had a longer , colder winter and then rain- so they have not gotten to it yet. Most people already turned over their soil themselves and planted.

I keep getting the same e-mail "Plan to get tilling done this week"- but the weeks are passing by. Last week at least someone went out and marked the few remaining plots which are to be tilled with a stake noting such. That gave me hope it actually will get done soon.

I am being patient and have been watering plants that are in the car for the past week.

At least the car is good for something! Its the plant nursery for now for the baby starter plants I just can't wait to get in the ground.

Good News however:
This article warns against planting TOO EARLY and encourages waiting as the yield will be better. So maybe there are some benefits to being patient and not having planted yet?

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