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2014-06-02 - 4:27 p.m.

I laughed at reading a news story about an app a Dr. is designing to measure rate of speech that someday he/she envisions being useful for bi-polar folks as an indicator they are about to enter a MANIC phase (if not already in one).

What made me laugh were the COMMENTS on that article that said something about the difference between HYPOMANIC and MANIC is that those who are hypomanic don't make self destructive crazy choices.

NO , they do things like start companies, get super energetic and take on big projects.

An example of a manic behavior is the person who enters mania and does something crazy like buy $3000 of shoes they can't afford, or as Mary Kay Jamison did- $20,000 worth of furniture she could not afford, bought on credit she was ever so grateful her brother kindly paid off later without so much as a word or expectation of return of the fund or the favor.

HYPOMANIC Example is more like the person who just HAS TO BE BUSY so they go ahead and start a company with SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY


They dump money into a HOUSE renovation , yet rationalize it as an "investment" so it is OK because it is a rental space so therefore the money spent would OTHERWISE go the IRS so it may as well be spent as a tax write off for a capital improvement. Oh yeah- the fact my basement may now rent for about $150 more than it did before so the investment should pay off ALSO is a huge factor over the long term. It now has an official KITCHENETTE of its own!

In today's burst of energy (which is NOT REALLY manic- I am really just joking if you reader have not yet figured that out) I had a shopping spree of buying FIVE Of these!

I tested one out and just LOVE IT. It solve the problem of small children removing those fun boingy things and then finding
a) a hole in the wall AND
b) some creative project the kids made with that.

I SWEAR my kids just LOVE to play with springs of ANY KIND. They have taken apart door stops, pens and anything they can find with a spring just for sheer fun.

I have to admit I am not REALLY sorry that I did not discover these cool magnetic door stops when the were so young. I have to admit the creativity and joy they had in playing with springs was something I will always fondly recall and honestly is worth more that the worry over a few holes in the walls over the years. Holes can be fixed, but I think one can kill creativity. I think it better to let creativity thrive and then ALSO TEACH Respect for property, but most of all teach forgiveness and teach a child they are so much more important than a wall being perfect and YES it was clearly an accident and is not a big deal.

But nonetheless, I am happy to have ordered those door stops after having finally installed the ONE like that I bought who knows HOW long ago. I bought one to be sure it worked and I could figure out how to install the thing.

I am also very grateful to the painter who told me there is such thing as a DOOR HINGE DOOR STOP.

That too is a very cool little gadget which is a brilliant invention. After a bit of hitting with hammer on end of screwdriver to loosen the top of the hinge, a few squirts of WD40 and then hitting a screw set under a door hinge I FINALLY removed one of the very old brass hinges from the basement bathroom door.

My hired crew had not installed it as I asked. They also happened to have nicked just a BIT of the door frame! I had to laugh as the last time they were here I had been looking at the lovely work of the painter who had finished everything and told me about that hinge door stop. After the bathroom was all done he was well aware that one new towel bar I had him install on the back of that door was now threatening to take out a chunk of the door frame. Neither of us realized that before it was installed.

So I bought the hinge door stop and left it there , and made mention of it. Either the guys forgot that request, or they did not have success removing the door hinge pin which was stuck. But it was kinda funny as when I mentioned it the other day, fellows had already been there for a while, the painter was not on the job the final day, and when I went to show them where to put it they already had hit that door frame. New small nick that will remain there. I had looked at the PERFECT frame that morning! CE LA VIE, no big deal- but I AM GLAD I got the hinge door stop on today myself as the door COULD potentially swing open even more if someone swung it open with any amount of force and then the very end of the towel bar WOULD hit not only the molding but the wall and put a hole there.

I had a lot of work to do on the basement not only upgrading as I wanted to do, but it turned out upon final inspection that my former tenants- Stars of "Jerry Spinger Live" , had done some damage that was initially hidden.

There were holes in the walls, a hole in a door that needed replacing, and doors broken and off their track. One of those sets of sliding doors was broken before they moved in, but a second was not.

So there was quite a bit of work to be done to fix the basement in addition to the renovation.

I am SO HAPPY my plumbing was also fixed so now I can use the hoses in both my front and back yards again! The prior owner of this house froze a pipe which these guys found.

Today was SUPPOSED to be a six hour study day.... will see.

Last night I cleaned the carpet downstairs with my carpet cleaner. This AM was spent doing laundry and setting up the furniture I have downstairs as well as final clean up. I cleaned the fireplace, got one bed set up, tightened up the screws on the kitchen chairs and set up the table and chairs next to the new kitchenette.

It is one lovely apartment now!

Now I sure could use the rental income. However , after "Jerry Springer Live" I am really hesitant to rent this basement BEFORE I sit for the West VA BAR.

I want to ensure a quiet , stress free couple of months of study.

THANK GOD I had put money in my so called "retirement" fund. So I am not yet retired... but think it will still be worth it should I pass this BAR EXAM to have saved money THAT WAY ( Hey it WAS SAVED) and to have it now to pay my mortgage and have this time to study with concentrated effort.

I am still applying for jobs. I am also still completing weekly reports of my job hunting to the VA UNEMPLOYMENT COMMISSION just in case by some miracle there is a vote to extend unemployment here in VA beyond the 26 weeks which I hit a couple of months ago.

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