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2014-06-04 - 4:09 p.m.

For those who have a need for pest control and prefer to do it yourself- here is a good resource:

For those, like me, who prefer NOT to play with chemicals and avoid them until I have no other choice (such as now due to a carpenter ant infestation), BUYER BEWARE.

I called a local (literally a few miles up main road) company, one town over to get an estimate of treating carpenter ants. They tell you they need to come out for a "free estimate" to meet all your house pest needs.

Really dudes-- I just want to know what you will charge to get rid of carpenter ants.

But they have to make it more complicated and send two guys to give the hard sell pitch.

Now I really think it is just bullshit that there are squirrels in my attic. The one dude said they are in the soffit. I could be wrong about this, but I don't actually SEE a soffit on my particular A frame attic so wonder what the hell he was talking about. So I walked around the front to look at the front of the house, and the back and asked him where the soffit is that he thought there was a squirrel in. Not out of the realm of actual possibility as my neighbor next door DID Have squirrels in her attic last year-- but the thing is , I think I would have heard them.

Then they gave a sales pitch to remove the old insulation, clean everything , spray and put in new insulation to get rid of the mites or fleas or bed bugs or whatever it is I got bitten by when I brought bins of clothes down from attic storage.

I have micetraps up there. Have not caught nor see mice. I did catch a few in my basement after tenants moved. I put bait on the front and back of the house near windows to prevent mice from coming in. No further sign of mice other than that early spring. The dude didn't actually walk up all the way but just used a flashlight and I am a little suspicious.

It was a $2300 estimate for the insulation job.

Then he cuts a deal down to a $1700 estimate.


That would be IN ADDITION to the $80 a quarter service plan, which they were so kind to "Waive" the $150 initial visit. $320 per year to treat my carpenter ants.

So I dug in my files to find the company that had serviced this house before.

For $130 they are coming to treat for carpenter ants which will also kill all other pest one has according to the PEST BE GONE rep.

I did get these little bites on my arms RIGHT AFTER taking clothing out of storage from the attic. This happened last year to one of the girls at the seasonal clothing change . So it is clear that it is the clothes that have to be washed before being worn - I have done the massive laundry of washing all the bedding, and all the seasonal clothing brought out and vacuumed the whole house well. Hopefully that takes care of this. The only worry was that is WAS NOT dust mites but something else like fleas from the mice that visited OR bed bugs.

So hopefully the treatment tomorrow is effective.

So the pest management company that serviced this house when I bought it said there used to be a contract with the homeowner and it was treated for Carpenter Ants in 2010.

$130 for the visit tomorrow and $80 for a couple recommended follow up visits - pay as you go.

Sounds more reasonable.

The sales rep also said they are getting calls from a lot of customers about the insulation attic scam.

He thought it sounded like a scam.

So buyer beware....

If you have dust mites after clothes are in storage, I suggest WASHING THEM.

That is likely all it is...

I HATE dumping chemicals in my environment, but with carpenter ants think little choice.

Can't wait to see if the guy who comes tomorrow can find a squirrel in my attic, OR a soffit.

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