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2014-06-10 - 2:05 p.m.

I so enjoyed my weekend visit with my two oldest kids.

It was just a lovely time!

I was really worried about the health of Katerina so it made ME feel better to spend time with her! I think it also helped her feel better as well (I hope).

Soren is busy as always with a couple of jobs and summer theater projects. He has a couple of shows coming up and told me the one he really wants me to see that he is super excited about.

Today we went out to breakfast together and it was really neat how when Soren was encouraging Katerina to consider being involved in one theater project and said "You can be a waitress" ( as that is a role they actually need a few more actresses to fill- Cocktail waitresses are needed for a scene and all the extras not yet cast); Our server was walking by, overheard and then said to her-

"Do you want to work as a waitress?"

She said


He then said " We start everyone here washing dishes and then they work into that"

She said "That would be fine"

and he said
"Here fill out our application"
and handed her one of the paper tablemats from the table behind us.

It was just so wonderful as Katerina does happen to have all her work experience in restaurants. ( She has had four prior jobs over summers and during school working as barista in training, dishwasher, waitress and cashier in restaurant/coffee shop/dining halls ) She in fact said " I love doing dishes. I find it really relaxing".

To top it off with just how awesome this would be if she gets hired there-
We went there for breakfast as it is her favorite casual restaurant where she has really happy memories as she went there all the time with her boyfriend.

I so hope she gets hired as it would be part time and I think something that she would so enjoy doing for the time being.

The highlight of this weekend however was reaching the milestone of my oldest two now driving. They have been late to learn being city dwellers that bike, bus and walk everywhere. Its really neat how in their city there are SO MANY bikers and new bike lanes all over the place.

This weekend I found an empty parking lot and gave them both lessons by pointing out a few things and basically then being quiet while they practiced and figured out how to drive. It ended up being super fun.

They were both really excited and proud of the accomplishment of actually driving. Katerina has had her learners permit for a year, and Soren for at least six months. Neither had driven and in fact until now neither really had much interest.

This summer some of Soren's college friends are driving cross country, camping and visiting hostels while making it from NY TO LA. That definitely piqued his interest in driving! If he has opportunity he would love to take such a trip sometime. He told me he wanted to learn to drive so he can go on road trips with his friends. He needs to work this summer anyway (for tuition money ), but he looks forward to saving and planning to travel when he can.

I am enjoying studying this afternoon as I await for my plane home.

I actually love this particular airport I am in. They have a comfortable seating area where it is truly comfortable to sit and study and remarkably NOT crowded. There is a large skylight so it is bright and the grey industrial chairs and tables really do have that institutional SCHOOL FEEL. This could be ANY SUNY Campus study hall if you looked at it with your back top the baggage claim area!

Back to listening to BAR REVIEW Lectures.

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