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2014-07-11 - 10:53 p.m.

I am so very happy right now simply because I went out and heard some beautiful music!

I went to hear my friend and her hubby play at a local restaurant where they play every Friday night.
I am most often either busy with kids , or if it is a week I have just dropped them off with Dad then just EXHAUSTED by Friday night that I have not made it out in about six months to hear my friend.

I always enjoy their music and tonight was actually so overwealed with this welling up of HAPPINESS as she started to sing
" He's a fool and don't I know it
But a fool can have his charms..."

I have never heard ANYONE ELSE sing that song live!
It is the song I sang when I would go to open mic

It is the song I sang at my wedding when I married the jazz musician.

Hearing it just made me well up with such joy at the wonderful memories, and at the LOVE OF THAT TIME OF MY Life and hit such an emotional cord!

It was definitely one of the happiest times of my life- the years of hearing live music EVERY DAY.

I miss that and it was so apparent as I was equally moved when I heard music playing from my porch this week. It was about 9:40 at night and I heard -- of all things here in the burbs of Western Loudoun, what sounded like a solid percussion accented by a bass... in a JAZZ FUSION RIFF.

It was rather remarkable!

There is a coffee shop just a few blocks down the street, so I asked my girls "Who wants to hear some live music?"

One asked, "What kind?"



The youngest was already in bed curled up with a book or SHE would have been a taker. She is the one who ASKS To hear the old cassette tapes of my drum teacher Papa Emile's playing, and of the band Abundance my ex husband and Papa played in during those Buffalo years.

My youngest LOVES THAT MUSIC which was a wonderful surprise to me. She found a box of old cassette tapes and an old Walkman cassette recorder. She listened to them and chooses the one she likes to listen to over and over again. She has NO IDEA who it was and what it was she was listening to so it just delighted me that it was THAT Tape of ABUNDANCE that she loves!

I wanted to find a video clip of Abundance to share with you- but instead I will leave you with this as I had not yet read this lovely tribute.

Lorna Hill is a special lady and one my son's theater teachers from high school. The article of tribute starts off mentioning her words a the eulogy at the UU Church my children and their father called theirs during their high school years. I knew that space as the place I used to go to drum monthly at that community drum circle Emile has where we , his students, and anyone else in the city congregated for an memorable drum and dance session.

The article mentions WatoSeta The Afro Pop band my first husband played in with Papa Emile when I first met my husband. Emile was playing at Jazz at the Albright one Sunday afternoon. I went for a run to the park and then to end lounging on the lawn while the Jazz Band played atop those lovely marble steps. It was just such a beautiful summer day and a gorgeous sight to be hold and a sensory delight to hear the wonderful music. I looked up and saw the man who would become my husband sitting on the wall near the band intently listening.

There was such PASSION in that music.
There was such PASSION there that I wanted to capture hold of.

Emile followed his passion.

I keep telling a friend of mine he has to find his PASSION in life.

WE ALL Have some purpose- It doesn't have to be grandiose, it can be SIMPLE. As simple as beating on a drum. It can be ANYTHING that one finds joy in that they can do well at and feel self actualized.

For Papa Emile it was creating rhythm; Drumming.

For me it was such a delight to this week be reminded of the JOY I GET when I am immersed in good music.

Its so hard to fathom that life could get so busy that one doesn't take TIME FOR MUSIC; that one would neglect to TAKE TIME FOR JOY and time to NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT.

I am so very happy that this week I found that time when I least expected it.

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