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2014-07-26 - 7:41 a.m.

My friend who is a musician and her hubby stopped by randomly one night this week as they happened to have dinner at one of the restaurants which is a block from where I live.

(It was that Chinese place that gave me steak with broccoli once about a month ago that only have the thick WHITE broccoli spears! I was just amazed! I mean that was more shocking than getting what looked like only CHICKEN ANKLES which oddly happened to me once not only in St. Croix, but a SECOND time when I went to an Asian buffet with work co-horts in Ashburn , VA! I was there with co-workers so really didn't want to pose the question "Look at that dish- I think it's chicken ankles" but quietly restrained myself. I likewise showed restraint and did not blurt out "You just ate THERE?? They have the WORST Food in town!" when my friends stopped by.

To be honest... the dish I got WAS good, but it was just so very STRANGE to not see any of the broccoli florets expected when I ate there one study day when I really just was in flow and didn't have bread and picked up the $5 lunch special as it was faster and more convenient. If you are in my town, visit the cheapo but GOOD Chinese place in the so called "Old Town" area, next to the hardware store with the old wood apocarthy boxes in it. That is another topic- the sudden emergence of signs for "Old Town" which I find just hilarious, and the lovely renovation plans to transform the boxy , but safe, brick square and rather boring and dare I say it- UNSIGHTLY buildings there into ones with a lovely façade which is being fought as it is -GASP "MODERN" ! )
Came on to be a bit creative, as when my friends stopped by , the musician had a great idea- She said
"If you are having trouble memorizing, try drawing pictures."

Then she said-
"Or do what we do with little kids to teach- Write songs"

I had remembered then that one of the areas I am SOLID in is secured transactions. I wrote a silly ditty to the tune of a Corrine Bailey Rae song to remember a pneumonic that assists in recall of all the steps to follow in analyzing a secured transactions problem. ( The former Study Group, now Kaplan holds copyright of that pneumonic so I will spare you that song.)
I didn't recall it at that moment when my friends were here, but sure enough when I came across the pneumonic written down I recalled the tune and those steps to apply substantively which come right from the federal code.

Ii am not sure WHICH song of Corrine Bailey Rae that little secured transactions ditty is to frankly (have to pop in one of her CDs to identify it), but the tune really worked for me.

Yesterday after wrapping up last of Evidence study which I spent a lot of time on (as it was my weak spot), I moved on to Real Property. I am listening to lectures and will kinda do a speed through study as this is an area I am strong in. Thing is, I was so weak on Constitutional Law I think I may have outright skipped really studying Real Property last time around. I don't recall spending much time on it. So with study this time around I HAVE to pick up some more substantive knowledge!

With help of a silly song there is NO WAY I won't this time nail some those subtle distinctions I did not know well.

Take a listen if you are not familiar with George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" which THANKFULLY has a cool copyright allowing personal and educational use!


My Sweet Land

Our Sweet Land
mmm Oh
Our Sweet Land
Mmm OH

My Sweet Love

I really want to know you
I really want to be with you
I really want share with you
(joint tenancy)
this land that we live upon
(as joint tenants)
Our Sweet Land
I really want to see that you
will own all of it
when I'm gone
(right of survivorship)
Your Sweet Land

Oh My love
Our Sweet Land

Unity of possession
(unity of time)
Interest in unity
(four unities)
Unity of title
(Just sign here)


My Sweet Land
Mmm Ohh
Our Sweet Land
Mmmm Ohh

I really want to know you
I really want to go to you
But I really want to know that
when I'm gone
Your not going to be alone
(Tenancy in common)

My Sweet Land
mmmm Oh
Left in my plan
MMmm Oh
(Hare, Krishna)
YOU Won't be lonely
Share with our community
(Krishna, Krisha)
Let them have unity
(Hare , Hare)

My will gives them my land

My Sweet Land

mmm Oh
My Sweet Land

My will leaves this to them, my love
So that you will not be alone
( Krisha , Krisha
Hare Krishna)


OH My Land
My Sweet Land

Oh My Love
Our Sweet Love

I really want to be with you
I really want to see you love
But it takes so long my love

My sweet Love
mmm Oh
My Sweet Love

I want to show you
My love
That is doesn't have to take so long
( Let's get married!)
OH,My Love
(Yes! Let's MARRY!)

MY Sweet Land
Mmm oh
My Sweet Land
(Tenancy by Entirety!)

Oh Our Land
(No Hare Krishna's)
IF we both own it
This will protect it so that
No creditor can get it from you if I still owe
(Yes! Let's Marry!")

Mmmm OH
Our Sweet land
Mmm oh
Oh My Sweet Land
Our Sweet Land




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