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2014-08-13 - 1:35 p.m.

I have been diligently job hunting.

I can't continue to have NO income coming in and depleting my 401K.

So yesterday I borrowed my boyfriend's car so I could make it out to my Dr. appointment and pay the $50 co-pay to see my sleep specialist since my new insurance plan won't fill my prescriptions until I saw him again.

I got terribly lost finding my way from the commuter bus stop where I dropped the sweet man off at 7:30 am (or maybe earlier) and headed toward my Dr.

My appointment was at 9:45 and it was 9:30 when I made it there. After a few wrong turns and tours of various towns (like Chantilly, South Riding....gee where else.... I don't know), I pulled into RESTON where my doc is.

I then spent the day at Reston Town Center at the Cosi's plugged in on my computer job hunting. It reminded me of the time I had a date there but parked on the other side of Reston Town Center and COULDN'T FIND THAT SAME RESTAURANT I was supposed to meet my former hot co-worker contract manager at! Figures that this time I pull into a parking garage and there that SAME restaurant is just around the corner! Gee I was not meant to find it with him apparently! All things in due time....

I walked ALL OVER that day and remember the embarrassment that I was so terrible at navigating even when IN the shopping area that it took me something like 45 min to find the place.

SIGH... life with ADD is just plain embarrassing SOMETIMES.

I did apply for ten jobs yesterday. These are ten jobs that are a good fit: First the immigration paralegal jobs I really would like to land , and then corporate contract management jobs that are SWEET and heck I have to apply and keep possibilities open. WHAT IF not one firm calls me for an immigration paralegal gig? I can't be unemployed for much longer so can't keep all my eggs in the one basket.

Today however I was very excited to find a posting for an immigration paralegal job 30 minutes away! That is much closer than the ones in DC and even MD and PA that I have been looking at. The ones in PA proved to be a bit TOO FAR-- Two hours would not be a tenable commute for any length of time.
But if the only job offer I GOT was two hours away to work as an Immigration Paralegal- I WOULD TAKE IT AND BUY A CAR AND DO IT.

That would be LESS time than taking the bus sometimes was just to go to my last job.
And HEY NOW I HAVE MEDS so I can drive without falling asleep!

Without the help of meds for the sleep disorder I couldn't even consider jobs that would require even more than 30 minutes driving realistically.

Speaking of which... I am about to drop... need nap... meds not yet taken as I got a few more samples after running out and have to head to pharmacy to pick up the new med they had BETTER fill after Dr. called it in yesterday.

I have to admit that the death of Robin Williams really must have impacted me deeply as for a rare moment yesterday as I was sitting job hunting I had an overwealming feeling of SADDNESS REALLY And AMAZINGLY a moment of just feeling I was going to burst into tears. It was influenced in part by having to answer those darn questions "Any Criminal Convictions?" OVER AND OVER AGAIN.... but I realized later in the day OF COURSE... that news of Robin William's death too did affect me rather strongly.

I mean death of a celeb is sad news when one liked the celeb. But death of a bi-polar celeb hits me harder having had so many people close to me have to contend with suicidal feelings and thoughts, and some even attempts. I myself am blessed to never have experienced such as the one with those dark thoughts, but have had an ex-boyfriend, I swear many close girlfriends over the years, not one but two of my children articulated thoughts of such thoughts, one of my ex-husbands had once actually made attempts.

So YEAH the suicide of a bi-polar person does really make me sad. And who didn't LOVE ROBIN WILLIAMS? WHO is NOT sad at the news of his tragedy?

So after the intense day of job hunting it was great to get that nice e-mail from a former co-worker that respected me. It picked up my mood a bit and this AM I jumped right back in the saddle of job hunting.
I am trying to really focus on immigration paralegal positions as I have not done that in years and I really want to work at a firm and learn all I can.
Heck if it were an EXCLUSIVE immigration practice if I pass the BAR it would be nice to JOIN a firm as a lawyer if they liked my work.
I always envisioned opening my own office, but working with someone else is also a possibility.

So this AM I was so uplifted and surprised when I found a job posting for a firm just 30 minutes away! WHOO HOO... I am tired now so forgive me if I am repeating as think I did just write that above.. OH YEAH (I had to cheat and scroll to look. This terrible short term memory issue is exasperated when tired!)

It is nap time but I HAVE to write this first as It was SO HILARIOUS!!

Remember I wrote MONTHS AGO Goodness, maybe it was a YEAR ago now...I am not sure...WAIT IT WAS FALL I think OCTOBER when there were just beautiful fall leaves and I REALLY WANTED To meet this friend of mine , "acquaintance" really, who I WOULD like to get to know better. So I asked him out, and got the sweetest, politest turn down . At least he had graceful tact in saying NO! He is just a remarkable person I admire greatly. I am attracted to his VALUES and EVERYTHING HE STANDS for and throws his life work into. So few people are THAT BRAVE to really follow their dream and this man has done so. I aspire to achieve my dreams as he has done.

In fact in my cover letter I actually indicated that the partners are living my dream!

So after I find this job posting and applied, I then did what I ALWAYS Do when REALLY EXCITED about a new prospect (be it a JOB or a MAN , hee, heee): RUN THE GOGGLE BACKGROUND CHECK

YES, the google research began!

In this case, the first thing that popped up was one of the attorney's Linked In site (of course... I checked that out) and next, the FB PAGE for the law firm. That, of course then had the link to the FB Page of the partners! I didn't even check out the rest, as the first partner's page I clicked on showed the PARTNER and when I clicked PHOTOS just to see what the person looked like-


HOW wonderful is that for good karma?


She was planting a kiss on the cheek of his smiling face. Photo taken in 2012 and he looked TREMENDOUSLY HAPPY!

(OH I just SO HOPE it is not his EX WIFE.... but I think that the ex wife bailed on him about two or three years before that if not mistaken. NO, there were a series of photos and it looked to me like perhaps it was a date!)

I laughed so hard and thought SHE IS LIVING (or at least DID LIVE) MY DREAMS in more ways than one!!

What are the odds?

HAD To write about that as it is just so oddly wonderful!


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