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2014-08-23 - 5:39 p.m.

I questioned once that I wondered if I stopped being involved with one particular lover (what was his name... Black.... shoot, the name of the CIA Operative from of all darn things the NOVELS written by the National Review journalist that I loved to read way back in the days when I did not realize ultra conservatives were EVIL ... ok just joking, a little) I so HATE having no memory. This lover had the BEST psudoname of them all,
Blackford Oates? something like that

I think it was Blackford,
Anyway I questioned whether I stopped seeing Blackford because he did things like buy excessive amounts of chocolate ( as in FOUR bags of the Lindor Truffles when he found I liked them. I mean if you give me FOUR BAGS I WILL EAT THEM ALL eventually...and sooner than I would like), and things like FROOT LOOPS for the kids.

I mean that was a BIG red flag...

Can't write much, Boyfriend here.

But here I am wondering WHY DO I date someone who even SUGGESTED making a frozen pizza at his place when I have lasagna and fresh veggies just picked???

OK VENT... making the salad now as he acquiesced to eat it.


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