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2014-08-27 - 7:02 p.m.

I enjoyed a lovely trip to see my two oldest who were in a show in Buffalo. It was really just fantastic.

Soren has always had a tremendous voice. One of his first professional jobs as a performer was the recording of singing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" for a Toy Company that put his voice on one of those toddler toys where the kids press buttons and they hear the singing.

So it was no surprise to me to hear him in the role of the crooner singing 40s Tommy Dorsey style love songs.

My daughter Katerina had early on been a lovely dancer. This is a skill that then lay dormant for a while, but it was no surprise to me that she was just wonderful in the role of a dancer in an ensemble for the performance piece.

What a delight to travel to see BOTH of my oldest working on a show together!

The show got great reviews and was indeed a success.

I was thrilled to be there to enjoy it.
What was a surprise to me is that Soren too can dance! That was a skill he really needed to work on to learn. He had it down and his piece consisted of him singing and dancing with two lady dancers that he spun around alternately. It was rather brilliant as the other dancers wore face masks and essentially represented the women (both individual and collective) in the man's life and his development of self throughout young adulthood which included learning to navigate relationships of love and loss with women.

It was a beautiful piece of theater.

Katerina danced for about three and a half hours every night the show ran, so the day after its final run she was exhausted. I read much of that day. I picked up Dead Man Walking as that work seemed to randomly pop into my head one day last week. Soren has a book signed by Sr. Helen to him as he met her once when he performed a play of that piece which she came to.

I found the book to be a really interesting read. I was tired and for some reason that book seemed to me a lighter read and easier to tackle than the other I picked up off Soren's shelf (as I was staying in his room during my visit) which I have wanted to read- Their Eye's are Watching God. I felt like that work requires more attention than I could give it as I too was a bit tired.

I arrived in town on Sunday in time to got to the show. Soren was being driven by his Dad up to school immediately after the show was over so it was convenient for me to stay with Katerina there. It was nice to have the next two days with her during which YES I was able to help her a bit in a way she needed.
She is very insightful about herself and KNOWS she needs help getting things done.

She was proud she got her to do list accomplished (including setting up her next Dr. apt!)while I was there. After she finished her to do list we then enjoyed a nice run together, so it was a lovely day on my last day there with her.
The night before we were taken out to an Indian restaurant which was SO GOOD I have been DREAMING about that food ever since!

I don't typically have FOOD dreams. This was just truly outstanding!

Taj Grill on Delaware Ave

I tried to cut and paste a link but lost it!

If you do like your Indian Spicy be sure to specify as while absolutely delicious I think they tend to make their dishes on the mild side unless you request otherwise. However the food was just so flavorful and wonderful.

It was such a lovely visit that I am glad to have made. Both the older kids are doing well and it was so nice to see them both. Katerina has been working as a copy writer which is a really good fit for her.

She is a total goof as she was anxious about getting work and seemed to have not been thinking of that as a "job". She thinks of it as an internship and mentoring which is great- but fact is that she is being PAID well! I think getting a pay check made her realize she is in better shape financially than she has been thinking as she has been job hunting until she decided to move so abandoned that!

So its good to know she has other leads from her boss for MORE work as well. That is such good news as she can do that work anywhere which is great as she is planning a move.

She commented "Working from home is so weird as It doesn't feel like WORK" She ALSO said
"Its also really kind of easy for me, so It doesn't feel like work"

I told her that she is LUCKY that she found something FUN FOR HER that comes EASILY and can be paid well for it ! I reminded her that not ALL THINGS VALUABLE HAVE TO BE PAINFUL and to value this gift and opportunity she has!

She is a goof.

That in itself will be a gift for working as an advertising copywriter.

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