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2014-09-09 - 8:19 p.m.

A GOOGLE Search turned up a listing on an arts page I had recalled reading about last year as this show HAD captured my attention at the time and I remember WISHING I COULD GET TO IT.

"This week at Tuscarora High School there is a student written and directed play about autism called "Silence". Tix are $5, proceeds benefit the Bright Life Initiative. 7pm this Thursday and Friday. The LCPS administrative intern that did a ton of work on the 17 page feasibility study for the musical theatre magnet so that the SB would be able to vote on it this past Tuesday is Trisha Ybarra Peters. She is also a special education teacher and the woman that started the "Bright Life Buddies" program several years ago. She asked if we would share the information about "Silence". We are honored to!"

My hope is that this year, perhaps some of the unhealthy silence at LCPS WILL BE BROKEN.

I will do my best to do MY PART.

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