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2014-10-03 - 8:07 a.m.

A head hunter called me and I have an interview for a position that hasn't even been posted yet. I have heard this happens.

I take that as a good sign.

I am truly a perfect fit for this job.

Its the corporate world, with a company that I have to admidt sells perhaps the coolest technology around next to 3 D printing.

OH By the way, those of you with stock to play with; and those who have done things like drive a cab your whole life but would like to stop some day and be comfortable- INVEST in the emergent technology that is predicted to take off and change our world. Now is the time BEFORE that happens.

I do believe this is a good pick (of course I am just an average person). But hey , taking investment advice from a random person on Diaryland just cause they have an ENTJ personality and a recent silly FB GAME "What job would you be good at" That shows Lawyer and Venture Capitalist for the ENTJ personalityp>

JUST MIGHT be as sound of an investment strategy as what seems like the sheep following the herd that brokers like to be led by.

My pick for stock investments is the 3D printing industry. Have to admidt this idea comes from my brother who worked at NASA and talked of what cool things they are doing with 3D printers AND The Motley Fool as I sat through their hard sell presentation you can find on line until I got enough tips to look up who are the industry leaders. They wont TELL YOU the company names until you PAY for their services (AS IF It is so hard to run a quick google to see who is manufacturing the 3D printer that is being sold at Staples for $1299).

Thing is, you have to do your OWN research to be an informed investor. So you do your own google search on 3-D printers and see who you think are market leaders and what YOU think about them. (As I also have a terrible memory and forget industry leader names just now. I have them jotted down in my kitchen but am chilling in bed as I wake up just now.) It used to be something like $15 to open your own trading account that YOU MANAGE DARN here my memory fails AGAIN I used to have one.. back in the day when day trading was an option as a hobby, but I never really got into it.... this ramble is an attmpt to recall as the more I type the more likely it will come to me OH YEAH E-TRADE. Anyone can open an E-Trade and fund your acct and buy a few stocks. Kinda like E-BAY the secret is to NOT GET ADDICTED. So no day trading is recommended. HOWEVER I do recommend the occasional selling of crap you don't need on E-BAY AND The occassionl buying of a few well thought out STOCK Picks on E-Trade and then FORGETTING ABOUT THEM for a long while. Some of us then think of it WHEN WE HAVE LAWYER fees to pay for a divorce (UGH!!) BUT OTHER'S might just be able to leave that nest egg there for the next 20 years and then check it out to be super surprised. If you invest only a moderate amount which most can do with a bit of planning and small behavioral change they can pay off tremendously in the long run (figure out what you spend on DRINKING Starbucks and make a behavior change of BUYING STOCK instead of drinking as many Mocha Cappuccinos as one possible thing to consider.

While I really would love to have a job HELPING people, if I HAVE to land a job in a tech company that makes cool things I will happily do so and enjoy that for a while.

I was so frustrated as I can't even fill out the portal to sign up to assist an attorney on any pro bono immigration cases as all the sites require YEAR OF BAR. If you can't fill that out , then one can't REGISTER on the sites I found seeking immigration lawyers. So I am NOT a lawyer- but I WANTED to register with the written in caveat I can work only under a lawyers' supervision. I have sent resumes, e-mails and reached out to every immigration relief organization I can find. Catholic Charities runs an Immigration Center and a lawyer there I spoke with years ago GOES TO MY CHURCH. I see him at Mass. It was SEVEN years ago now I interviewed with him and he didn't hire me. I have applied for positions there since. I have sent my resume to KIND and offered to volunteer. I have hit up any relief organization I can get to offering to volunteer. I applied for a job with an immigration attorney I WOULD HAVE BIKED TO in order to work for measly PAY. I am rather sure however she didn't hire me as I didn't fit her business model of hiring "paralegals" that are fresh out of High School and work for peanuts. She trains them. She did have a couple young lawyers from other countries as well, but mostly super young, not educated beyond HS, low budget, office labor. I noted her business model (basically to make TONS OF MONEY as her clients are LARGE CORPORATE ACCOUNTS), but you know I STILL WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE WORKED WITH HER in order to get back into the game. Hey other places are OUTSOURCING to find cheap labor, she is hiring local and training them! KUDOS to her! She understands a degree does not mean one will necessarily be any BETTER at the fundamental skills the job requires! SIGH.... I was so sure she would bring me on board as it would have served both her AND Me well.

I honestly would commute ANYWHERE to do this work.

Heck , my search has been broadened- a two hour commute by bike, or a hour and a half to two by car to me makes no difference.

If it paid enough to cover a car cost I would buy a crappy car and work for a year or two (I never take a job that I see as noble without committing- HEY BILL COLLECTOR was a job I took BECAUSE I don't find it noble so in good conscience would not feel bad QUITTING after three months!)

I am baffled that it is SO HARD to actually live my dream now here WHERE I LIVE.

There is a vacant building for rent nearby.. hmm Refugee Center? It would also nicely accommodate a Laundromat which I wish was there (so I could walk to it now that in good news I HAVE A TENANT again).

Bad news is that I let her move in without paying security deposit first which the lease stipulated was due. I KNOW That is a BAD idea, but thing is my realtor did CONFIRM employment, ran background and credit check and I trust SHE HAS A JOB but fell short as she DID technically pay first month's rent to my realtor in certified funds that will come back to me. So I TRUST that really was just too much for her to come up with ( she played dumb but I know otherwise... to me it is clear she KNEW it was due but didn't have it as she is still paying on her old place for this month as well as she moves things gradually. She didn't PHYSICALLY move in yet but moved some things here on the 1rst.)

I do really like her. Maybe it WAS an oversight as it does seem credible that her husband who she is split from actually took care of all the bills, logistics of THINGS in life for them that she didn't catch that part about the security deposit being due upon move in. She did assure me she can pay it on the 10th of this month and will not have a problem with rent due on the 1rst of each month.

She has a job that is second shift and is changing to one that is 9-5 that she can take public transportation to. They gave her a transportation allowance to pay for expenses which is nice for her as well. She never did that before so asked if I would mind helping her figure out how to as I had recommended that she do so rather than drive into D.C. She did a trial run on a weekend with a friend but they took THE NEW TRAIN UGH !!! I told her NO!! Don't do that- its longer and not convenient but that the bus system is great.

She seems SO NICE. I like her very much so the day I have to go pick up my MCM 10K race packet she is taking a personal day from her current position and we are going to treck into D.C. on the commuter bus so she can do a trial run. We will find her office, get my race packet and find something fun to do for the day.

Now the OTHER amazing thing is, that this woman who came to me as my tenant just HAPPENS to work for the federal government in the immigration arena.


I found a resource for those who want a federal job of a federal job coach. I think Boyfriend needs to invest in this lady's services as that is where HE WANTS To be employed. He was a fed before and took pride in that work and wants to go back. I was sent a contract for her services as I am considering hiring her to help me land a federal job. I mean I can't be unemployed FOREVER. Time I can support NOT Working will come to an end soon enough. So I HAVE to kick up my job hunt and find SOMETHING. I get occasional calls from the contract manager from my old job who MISSES ME (Not one I WORKED with , but one who worked in a completely different dept ORIGINALLY and misses being my lover! He was my lover way back when WE NEVER Would have worked together. Funny he then DID Get shifted to MY DEPT and MY FLOOR, but yeah he is the liar who I carefully navigated being friends with BUT NOT LOVERS. I did plan on just not keeping in touch however (just cause hey- we don't work together so have no need to communicate anymore, HE IS HOT for me and likewise I find him attractive but I WON'T GO THERE after discovering his WIFE albeit in LIFE regardless of LEGAL STATUS.... he is just a player...) I removed his # from my phone but the trouble is as his name is not listed now with the corresponding # I OCCASSIONALLY don't recognize it is him calling AND I PICK UP. He is such a smooth talker...but I have no trouble with that and kinda laugh that he still calls. We have a brief chat and update on lives, and that is that. I move on with my day... NOW why did I even think of him now? OH YEAH He is STRONGLY encouraging me to get a federal job. In his view they are EASY (HA HA He never did one, other than National Guard, so what does he know?) He thinks there is job security and AGREES with the Federal job coach that there are so many contract specialist jobs out there that I don't even NEED to Certified Federal Contract Mangement credential.

My next step in my plan is to study and take that exam.
I am STILL Going to do so.
Just hard to be motivated when I hear from a couple of places that there are SO MANY contract specialist jobs in the federal govt that I don't NEED that. My view is that I would actually like to be GOOD At any job I land! That study WILL be valuable! (I already paid for the review course from NCMA. I wanted to be SURE I could do it so bought it MONTHS Ago during BAR Exam study just in case money runs out...I will have it. I just need to actually sit through it and then take the exam! My desktop didn't WORK The day I intended to start this week! Would not boot up! I needed that as it has the disk drive.

I really would LOVE if the job I DID send a resume in with the feds results in an interview. I DID Get a letter acknowledging my resume and indicating it is being passed on to the hiring manager for review.


I made it through the first hoop. (Well OF COURSE As I actually mailed a HARD copy to the REAL physical address when the one on the posting was INACCURATE... those sneaky folks trying to weed out applicants!) This is factual- the address for the posting does not actually exist. The post office confirmed such. So it is not a stretch of imagination to surmise they will ONLY Get internal applications and MINE. The posting said INTERNAL ONLY

Now considering I got a letter from the feds indicating I am eligible for retirement, I consider myself internal!
HA HA...

Seriously, I am still in their system.

That however is why it is a REMOTE possibility I actually land the DREAM JOB. It was POSTED internally only, and I am not REALLY an internal candidate, EVEN THOUGH they have my resume and it is "under review".

Honestly that position which is a nexus of my immigration background and desire to work in that area, AND Contract Management skills is the PERFECT JOB for me. I could see working there for life while eventually ALSO finally passing a BAR Exam (or not.) IN that job I wouldn't necessarily NEED it and it is likely I would feel self actualized in my work that I wouldn't have the discontent that I did not yet fulfill my dream, my PURPOSE.

YET I CAN NOT continue to not be employed for much longer.


So it is a blessing that I got a call from a head hunter for a good fit as a contract manager.

I am going to go into this interview and be sure not to talk too much!

I am ALSO considering the contract for the federal job coach. I will wait until after the interview on Tue to decide if I need her services or not.

Regardless, TODAY *Provided the computer works (which DID turn on for the girls on Wed night), I am going to start that course work and my study.

I intend to devote the next month of study to this, then take the CFCM exam. DARN I Was Supposed to start EARLY THIS WEEK.

Well, at least I got a tenant in, and I am proud I changed the lock on my back door to one of those number pad ones. NOW I have a numerical lock on BOTH the front and back doors so NEVER have to give my tenants a key to the house other than the key for them to lock THEIR space in the basement. That door is locked and when leased no one other than the tenant crosses the threshold. (I don't get landlords who do not understand boundaries!)


CFCM Certification
Land a JOB
With steady income I think then I will actually submit proposals to put in a Laundromat. HEY there is vacant real estate where the Blockbuster went out of business which WOULD Make a great Laundromat. YES I live in the richest county of America so there is less need for a Laundromat, but you know, even in this richest county THERE ARE POOR PEOPLE and MODERATE INCOME folks who don't own homes, and there are LOTS of HORSE folks who would love machines that are designed to handle their horse blankets that do use Laundromats. It IS a changing demographic and I think the trend will continue that people here ARE NOT getting richer, but it is becoming more economically diverse.

I do think that is the trend. The bubble brought a lot of NEW wealth to this area. There has been downsizing, and older familys have been taxed out of being able to stay on their large family farms and estates. They have been FORCED to sell. There has been EMINENT DOMAIN for roads that go nowhere new. That does bring more street front property, which to me just looks like possibility for NEW development. Now we have more than enough homes here.

One developer wants to bring apartments. YEAH we can vote it down now, but you know in the long run market NEEDS and market DEMAND will factor in. So the economy is recovering, but it is not without ALOT Of folks in this area re-adjusting and DOWN SIZING their lives.

I give it ten to fifteen years before we see bike lanes, push for actual viable public transportation to meet the needs of the changing population. YES It will take time, but I am SURE that is coming. We are in a suburb which like any other outside of a city, continues to become more and more like an urban environment. It might be another 15 years AFTER That before this area looks like Queens or the north shore of LI which ONCE was rolling hills, horse and farm country, but now looks much like Arlington, VA- but it WILL HAPPEN. Growth can be fought against, or accepted.

I think I will be the one to accept and try to TIME when it is right to put in that Laundromat. I think it is a GREAT idea of a business that WILL do well in ten years. Question really is WHEN Is that cusp of the right moment to put it in? TOO SOON and it will fail. Too Late and there will be other competition in this market.


CFCM Certification
Once I have a steady income and am in the job long enough to be REALLY GOOD At it without working 40 plus hours a week
Laundry Business Plan and Pitches to land financing

Those ventures will support
Study of BAR to one day land that credential THEN
PRO BONO Immigration work (unless of course I work in the immigration arena as a FED and therefore am prohibited from doing so OR LAND a job in the private humanitarian , NGO relief work sector itself. IF EITHER is the case the work I do ITSELF will be enough).

Thank goodness Patience and Perseverance are traits I have TO add here, just in case there are any HR folks out there that discover this- as there are OPTIONS of jobs, be assured when I DO LAND A JOB I WILL NOT SAY HERE WHERE I WORK. One trait is that I DO keep Confidentiality and really do have sound professional judgment and decorum!(MY fear is that one would judge my professional skills based on the ramblings of my personal journal which keeps me sane and healthy!) AH I just thought of another trait I try hard to kick- Procrastination Today I WILL CLEAN OFF THE KITCHEN TABLE YES! I will go for a run, (have to - 22 days left before MCM 10K!) STUDY the first module of the course, and CLEAN THE DARN TABLE. I feel like the Cat in the Hat cleaned my house. Remember that book? The living room is clean but you should see the pile of crap in the hall! Now the pile of crap in the hall is reduced, cause the games dumped there are all organized on the shelf; but the kitchen table where the former contents of the shelf are now sitting is a HUGE MESS. There is only one solution. Rather than MOVING The mess around and around, the inevitable point of THROW IT OUT must come. TODAY I will stop procrastinating and downsize the art supplies. Only what fits in the ART BIN (that the kids NEVER think to open to see what is available), will remain. The rest of the CRAP now plopped in the messy pile on the kitchen table for days now, will be THROWN OUT which includes treasures like random felt pieces, fat pipe cleaners that have been huge caterpillars, beeswax sheets now broken that have been in a bin for years now, shiny stones for plaster projects not finished, myrid pens, placemats covered with paint and dried clay , broken crayons, googly eyes, shells, popsicle sticks... paper and more papers.. OH How to prioritize among all these treasures?

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