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2014-10-31 - 10:23 p.m.

I am tired. Going to bed after working today.

YES I started a job.

Being able to answer the question "Do you have any criminal convictions" with NO is a factor I am sure of finally getting hired SOMEWHERE.

You know, most employers don't like when one says "YES I AM A CRIMINAL"

I should be really happy that today the VA Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that considered me a criminal.

My reaction however is not one of happiness. Instead the whole sorrid sad affair is brought to mind and frankly I find that whole topic rather depressing and distressing.

I mean I PREFER to forget some details. I PREFER to not have some questions to arise when I get calls from reporters wanting to interview me so I go on line to read the news and see inaccuracys and then think "WHAT? THAT is not right " and then look up some documented fact to just ensure my memory is accurate.

YES my memory is accurate. It however doesn't make me FEEL BETTER to see the evidence of TRUTH and then be reminded that in a lower court decision some FACTS WERE MISREPRESENTED and that some presented "evidence" was actually NOT ACCURATE.

I was just darn tired that day of the court hearing so didn't object to some wrong details because you know I thought the details really quite irrelevant. I still do- as the devil was NOT in the details of that darn case. NO point in nitpicking over crap that really is just not important in the scheme of things.

It was a little funny to read "MOTHER OF THREE"

Hope the other three kids are not too disappointed to be overlooked...

Overall feeling at being newsworthy is that I really have no interest in calling back reporters, responding to their e-mails, or giving my reaction.

My reaction is that this whole darn case WAS SICK to begin with. It is SICK that anyone could have compelled a legal action which is a total waste of money and time and achieves NOTHING POSITIVE but creates stress and unhappiness for people. Most of all stress and unhappiness FOR MY CHILDREN who all should have at SOME POINT BEEN THOUGHT ABOUT A BIT MORE.

So in a way it is very appropriate that I spent some time both yesterday and today reading BLEAK HOUSE.

The thing is, I was LAUGHING AT IT and found Dickens' work to be wonderfully FUNNY. I LOVED how he captured the ridiculous caricature of many personalities.

I was ENJOYING the novel.
That is however as I was DETATCHED From my past painful experiences of the court being a tool of manipulation that can be used in vengeful, destructive ways.

Today having this case I was a party to which the Supreme Court overturned one WOULD THINK I would be happy. But it really just calls to attention a wound I would rather let heal and not even think about.

I don't want to pick at it. I want the scar to fade.

I don't want to analyze the case. I want to FORGET ABOUT IT.

So my reaction?


It is depressing to have even lived through this sordid story in the first place. Forgive me if I don't call you reporters back and wish to TALK about it. Forgive me if I prefer to not even THINK about it but prefer to MOVE ON IN LIFE and LET GO of the past.

I thought it a good reminder that a friend sent me this link today:

My reaction?
Let me move on with love.
Let it go.

I LOVE that I can let go of this particular thing of ongoing litigation resolved in my favor.

Good Riddance.

But I am not sure if the media grasps that in this case there were no winners. All lost by the case being brought forth in the first place. That is in fact a truth of MANY legal cases which participants have such trouble seeing the clarity of.

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