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2014-11-10 - 11:58 a.m.

I am very pleased my girls are all doing well overall.

The one who has this terrible skin picking seems to have subsided that for the time being. I think she will refrain until something happens to stress her and HOPEFULLY whether she is here with me or with Dad we will handle any situation with her better such that she doesn't either feel the NEED to relieve that stress OR doesn't have the opportunity to hide out in front of a mirror somewhere and do that to herself.

Hey I am just grateful it is not a cutter we have on our hands! That seems to be a terrible trend among young people today as a form of stress relief and I do think that it is actually more common than it used to be just because today kids HEAR about these things more. I think the awareness that SOMEONE tried that them might make the IDEA of it in a teens consciousness so they find it as an outlet for stress, whereas if the notion had not been suggested in their consciousness EVER perhaps there would not be an inclination to ever even consider such possibility.

Of course some came up with the idea on their own as they had felt such emotional pain and needed to find release somehow... so there would STILL be some who did that EVEN If there were no awareness of anyone else.
But still...I think that particular behavior is actually on the rise due to some people that may have never gone there if they hadn't first heard of others doing that.

I am glad girls are doing well as not only did we lose our family counselor a few years back when HE stopped practicing due to a sexual abuse allegation or a woman patient ( I never found one available on Sat morns to replace him when the girls are with me); but NOW the Psycologist their DAD has been taking them too (incidentally the same one that recommended he have custody that the court relied on in OUR divorce/custody case), has now lost HER liscense for the next 18 months due to a founded complaint she was practicing without disclosure of her actual credentialed area of expertise.

She is a school psychologist and I have NO DOUBT has been very capable and helpful for my girls to receive services from (despite her practicing out of the scope of her expertise!).

I thought her testimony in the custody case disappointing as I felt it is just fundamentally problematic for "experts" to be brought in that are not neutral parties appointed by the courts who HAVE NOT met EITHER party prior. There is inherent lack of ability for impartiality when one party ALREADY has a relationship with a person who is to be rendering an opinion that is ostensibly "objective". Objectivity is an impossibility when there is already a pre-existing relationship.

I don't particularly care she is a school psychologist as I have respect for the value of therapy of such.

Just keep psychology as a profession of actually helping people and get the manipulation of it out of the courts is my actual view.

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