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2014-11-18 - 1:01 p.m.

I am very happy for my brother who got married this weekend.

The only weird thing is that he used to have a job at a national facility at an agency supported by our good U.S. of A.

and now he doesn't.

A old hiking friend called me last weekend as he was in town or nearby enough that it was convenient for him to swing by and meet me for coffee at my local coffee shop. It was nice to catch up and hear what is new with him.

He reminded me that one can't have a certain level security clearance and be in relationship with a foreign national.


Yes, really.

I mentioned this to one of my brothers as my friend asked "Does your bro know he will lose his job?"

Younger bro said, "Yes he knows. He already got a new job. Some are slow to the globalization table."

It just seems so very ARCHAIC.


AH What seems even more weird is however that ALL his Flicker photos are gone and he has removed almost all his formerly public social media info. It is all shut down and/or limited and private.

I had a nice Skype chat to join in the festivities of the wedding. That was fun. I wanted to look at his photos which were formerly on Flickr and thought perhaps he would have a nice wedding album there but was disappointed to discover that his whole Flickr site is down.

Ce La vie...

I just find it so very strange.

What is the new phrase going to be for this era we are in?

We had the cold war, then the war on terror,

What will the phrase be for the war of unknown fears that only exist as a mirage in imaginations?

The "Smoke and Mirrors War" ?

I feel like that is the age we are currently in.

Some leaders are still caught up in a mirage.

Maybe someday they will see an Oasis

But not if they don't think to look for it as I am afraid it is not even in their subconscious which is such a shame.

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