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2015-03-31 - 7:57 a.m.

Bummed that the toilet in my bedroom has been running and when I shut off the water I still hear a little trickle of running.

I tinkered with it and THINK I figured out which part is broken. Just stinks as it was only about a year ago (or less?) that I replaced all the parts in the toilets in this house, SO PROUD to have done so myself, with low water usage items.

To have one break and not work so soon is a disappointment.

At least it is motivation to get to the hardware store. One of my lovelies MONTHS AGO left me a "love note" on my wall in a fit of passion.

It was etched in with a knife.

*YES I know this is NOT NORMAL behavior for any child.... this one actually has been doing VERY WELL, but yes I think we have a diagnosis here and with help she will have a wonderful life.... but frankly withnot she has potential to have a very challenging life with moments of this unbridled anger not as well managed.

It was one of those moments when a privilege was given of doing something special in which she was allowed to stay up late.

It was a reminder to ME As a parent that even when she is happy and healthy and doing well for months that the privilege of staying up late for ANYTHING is NOT A GOOD IDEA for this particular child!!!

I am SO HAPPY That I FINALLY remembered to ask my tenant to kindly look in the one little storage area of the basement where there are just a few of my things for the spackle, and that last weekend my darling daughter spackled over the etched note on my wall.

NOW it just needs a light sanding and paint job to be completed removed.

I have had to go pick up that paint anyway, so now that the toilet is broken I will finally take that trip to the hardware store and get both jobs done.

I am looking forward to the fresh paint job actually, as I am going to add color to that wall which will also brighten up my room and make it pretty I think. My comforter has a lovely shade of green in it, from the leaves accompanying a floral pattern, and in its border, which I am hoping to find a match for and paint the one wall the same shade of green.

So in the end,when thinking about it, my daughter's impulsive moment of what seemed like a destructive act will in fact have been the motivation for me to make my personal space of my room even prettier.

In the end, her act will have been the motivation for an improvement and will result in creating a space of greater beauty and peace.

Seriously, a gentle green color will be more relaxing and provide a serene environment moreso than the stark bright white of the wall. It will provide a cozier feeling to this space.

So very ironic in a way
But also very true, that even though we may not know it in the moment, what sometimes can seems like a harm done to us might in fact really in the end be a catalyst for something better to happen in our lives, in our space, as it makes us evaluate and see what it is we can do in response to correct the wrong and create what we want to be.

What we create is often even better than what we had before, but we might not even have envisioned it but for the seeming harm that was done by someone else.

Every exposing of weakness, or every creating of a break, offers an opportunity for evaluation and strengthening

But only if one accepts the opportunity and doesn't choose to live accepting erosion , damaged, or diminished value.

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