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2015-04-09 - 11:48 a.m.

I broke down and called a plumber. Splurged and spent $100 as it occurred to me that while I THOUGHT I knew what part was broken the noise of the leak was so persistant even after I closed the valve that perhaps it was the cut off valve itself which I knew I could NOT fix.

It turned out it was the valve in the part I thought was broken that needed replacing. The plumber who came managed to shut the cut off valve more tightly than I had been able to When he did that as his first step of the job, there was not the sound of water continuing to leak. BUMMER as that was leaking for a week or two as it took me that long to finally decide to use my insurance policy and just pay the co pay. Since I had not made it to the hardware store to try to fix it myself I decided it was time to get help before my water bill is high. SO now it is fixed thanfully in what was a 5 minute job for the plumber who replaced the broken valve.

I am happy to have had yet another recruiter reach out to me. This time I did something COMPLETELY different than in the past. I was upfront with the recruiter and told him of my sorid legal history and suggested he FIRST run the background check and discover if that would be a bar to being hired. I called attention to the win in the VA Supreme Court which overturned the lower court case of criminalization of parents for their children being tardy to school and pointed out that in a background check with the VA STATE POLICE the initial charge (since thrown out), STILL shows up so it LOOKS like I have a record of "contributing to delinquency of youth".

It was when I had to pull that record for the most recent WV BAR Background check that I discovered that I believe.

When I do a basic search on line in VA Circuit court , the case shows up. The trouble is, when running background checks one might find the record of the lower court case but not do enough due diligence to find the Supreme Ct of VA decision.

It was all over the news when I was arrested for tardys (Albeit with inaccurate reporting that demonized me!), yet it was BARELY COVERED IN the news when I won the Supreme Court case.

To be fair that is because I didn't call reporters back...but I hadn't done so the first time around either and that story went viral. People just LOVE THE DRAMA of the negative news story moreso than the drama of positive ones it seems!

CE la vie...

That chapter is closed and I am very happy it is over.

Maybe I will land a good job yet despite it.

Will see.

Will see what life bring. One thing for sure, I am NEVER afraid of change.

And I DO enjoy being at the retirement community for the time being. That doesn't even FEEL like work! I swear I would volunteer to do that. Perhaps that is the kind of work one should ALWAYS seek- work which one would be happy to do regardless of what the monetary pay is, becuase it is fun and brings joy to self and others.

WOW , wouldn't the world HAVE to be a better place if WE ALL DID THAT EVERY DAY?

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