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2015-05-20 - 10:49 p.m.

WOW Some really awesome experiences in the past few days!

To start off, last Saturday was Sam's Ride for Peace. I just REALLY, REALLY wanted to go along for that ride.

I would have liked to have been off work on Friday in order to also attend the assembly at my daughter's school when Sam and his entourage of peace riders visited there , however I had to work at the Giant Deli.

I am a deli girl.
I mentioned that before I know, but here is an update on that: Today a customer came in and said "WHEW Nurse Ratched is not here today?"


that is how a CUSTOMER referred to my boss

The way my good friend June who also happened to stop by put it " She is terrible at customer service and was very condescending. Even if you had made a mistake she treated you like you were an imbicile and would never be able to learn "

She happened to stop by when my boss noted a mistake a co-worker made and then lit into me for it. I don't even bother to correct her when she points out mistakes that are not even mine. She basically comes off as bitterly unhappy and belittling to everyone around her due to her own unfortunate miserable state. It is sad as her happiness seems to be so tied to the attention she is getting from men , so if she is not getting any attention she


Enough about th sad nurse Ratched.

I just ha
d a fun SKYP call fron n=a=== TYPO as I dozed again!

Danced with Sam one week before his 90th birthday
Ride with Sam was wonderful

I Met the ex-husband of the woman I helped get a green card in around 2000, and then helped become naturalized in 2007.

He happened to have joined the ride with Sam as well, and when I was introduced I IMMEDIATELY knew who he is as I heard so much about him.

It was really just so cool to meet him .

I was able to catch a ride back from his mom , which enabled me to be on time for work at the retirement community, n;nnnnnnnnn

I have to go to bed.... dozin..

But it was so surreal

Then I enjoyed Skyping with a friend's class in Mexico city, where he is a professor.


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