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2015-06-11 - 9:39 p.m.

From the recruiter, a note which is a testament I believe to just how hard it is to find capable people to provide legal analysis at the rate being offered that is truly below market value, for a part time position , without benefits:

"I was literally just typing you an email prior to leaving the office. Yes – good news; the role was officially released today and you were submitted immediately."


Even though I was unwaveringly RUDE at LAUGHING at the recruiter's over inflated description of a document review job that is being characterized as a "data analyst" position (WHY OH WHY? Is the market rate LOWER for data analysts than it is for actual JDs who they seem to want??? Is it because in the legal analysis of these financial industry contracts there happens to be FIGURES and NUMBERS involved so they get to pretend the job is not document review for legal issues but analysis of data metrics???),

apparently I am being submitted as the LABOR for such position.


or OR RA! or whatever


RA RA , Team Spirit , PEP RALLY Cry you can imagine to make one motivated and excited to enter a moment of being one of the sardines following the routine of going to the office, doing work, etc etc

"Little Boxes,
Full of Ticky Tack.
Little boxes..."

Looks like to maintain my suburban lifestyle for the good of my children

(WHY? WEll, because there is a custody order that THEY MUST continue to live here..)

I will take this job


YES I will drink the Kool Aid
and be unwaveringly cheerful

and happily perhaps even buy a car

OR ELSE map out a bike route to hop on a commuter bus

and become one of the masses of responsible adults raising children

If I must, I have decided I will buy a car that
1. Has keyless entry and
2. Is a Hybrid

I realized that after three days of walking and biking with my daughter to school (as the girls' Dad was out of town this week), that due to the fact it is a CHALLENGE to get these girls to bed on time, that MY SLEEP was compromised. OH YEAH, I worked and didn't get home until 11 pm each night.... So due to the sleep deprivation of working second shift and getting home late and then having to get up at 6AM and walk an hour or bike 1/2 hour each morning , AND tackle the much needed job of mulching my garden on Mon and Tue AND
Having gone SWIMMING twice in the past few days

I was just utterly EXHAUSTED and spent when I got the call from the recruiter and was so snarkily flippant about the document review job.

Being caught off guard and overtired DEFINATELY informed my lack of filer as he told me about it!

So I am actually ever so grateful that he submitted my resume.

WHEW I didn't blow it after all.

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