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2015-06-29 - 10:49 a.m.

I have to say that I REALLY like the quality of work of one particular recruiter who prepped me for a CM job which I did not actually land an offer for. He fortunately called back as there is another position the hiring company is interested in me for. The crappy part is the position is called
"business analyst"
which is just a fancier way of saying
"legal document reviewer" needed to create TEMPLATES to AUTOMATE our repetable financial services.

YES there is a "project" of finding out which legal provisions need to be cleaned up and inserted in ALL templates. I get the sense this TEMP job is JUST LIKE the final "project" I worked on at ** BIG TELECOM COMPANY** that enabled the company to get rid of manual , real time drafters of contracts , and allowed a computer to spit out standardized contracts the sales folks just were able to present and have signed AS IS.

Shift toward commoditization and standardization of professional services has extended from the telecom market to the financial services sector apparently , as this potential job to reduce labor and bottom line and REDUCE US WORKFORCE is in the financial sector.

But he, even though it feels a little hypocritical as I am because of ideology actually paying UNION DUES in a crappy grocery store Deli job, and ideologically still support the IDEA of Unions, and the IDEA of keeping our economy strong by not outsourcing, in reality I understand that Obama is really spot on with his trade policy opening markets in Asia with less regulation as we ARE ALREADY A GLOBAL ECONOMY.

If we want to do well in the long run we HAVE to be able to play by the new rules of globalization.

EVEN THOUGH it has killed the local economy at border of Mexico for pig farmers who are obsolete due to the large commercial farms;

EVEN THOUGH it has destroyed Ma and Pa stores due to big box retailers;

EVEN THOUGH in THEORY and in PRACTICE I SHOP LOCALLY and buy and grow my produce ;

EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO Live by those ideals

When it comes down to it, I have a home I wish to maintain for my girls here and in order to pay my mortgage

Since Nothing ELSE has come up aligned with my ideals
and since I haven't been able to start a professionals Union for the legal and accounting and business folks being displaced to jobs overseas...

And EVEN THOUGH I am NOT OPPOSED to actual H1Bs when there are TRULY not qualified workers here, but QUESTION THAT IS REALLY ACTUALLY THE CASE...

so EVEN THOUGH That bottoms out the part of business immigration law that I could rely on to pay the bills while doign the work (hypothetically, if I passed the darn BAR) working with hard working service sector employees who don't have privaleges and benefits to be granted SOME;

BECAUSE after that aspiration I find myself in the boat of hard working folks with two low wage jobs and no benefits (just now... I stopped pulling from the 401K to pay health insurance premiums as I opt to keep my house a little longer sans Health insurance);

I WILL take the job with financial company working on automation of their contracts and be grateful for it, if it is offered.

We all do what we have to do.

This would be a 6 mo gig. Would pay more than the local grocery store gig and I could keep the part time job I have (I THINK).

I would like that as I think I can get health insurance from the one part time job if I push for it , which I just did by writing a letter to the office manager and Ex. Director ASKING To be transitioned to "PART TIME" which is 20 hrs consistently a week (which I HAVE BEEN WORKING) , and eligable for benefits rather than a "Relief" worker which is how I have been characterized upon hire ostensibly "for a little while to see how this works out".

Well six months later I am there working 20 hours a week. I hope to maintain that job AND land the temporary FULL TIME ONE AND STUDY MY BUTT OFF and pass the BAR exam in FEB.

The current short term gig would be with a financial services company (one of the top ten companies in the U.S.), until DEC 2015.

I would like this as I then could study the last six weeks FULL TIME for the FEB BAR EXAM.

It is my last shot at it in VA.

I am one who doesn't give up and although I didn't want to bang my head on the wall and persue labor law after law school as that was clearly a dying movement, I STILL would like to hold onto the dream of being an immigration lawyer.

I am not really drinking the KOOL AID in full trust that each H1B is NECESSARY (like I think I used to), as I am now a professional that is having a hard time getting hired, but I CAN give benefit of the doubt as truth is there is NOT a huge pay differential between the many Indian programmers who come her and their US counterparts. The H1Bs I see have started at about 80K Studies show there are SOME difference, but when I looked at them they were in the single didgets couple of thousand of dollars and to me don't account for WHY US NATionals are not found for these jobs. I worked with enough BRILLIANT Indian folks to recognize that perhaps we are hiring globally to REMAIN COMPETETIVE in this global economy.


Sad but true

If I had to pick the best folks from those I have worked with when it comes to the total package of intelliegence, social skills, professional skills, and ability to get a job done well in a timely manner I HAVE TO ADMIT that the Indian counterparts ACROSS THE BOARD in legal and in computer engineering and in finance that I interfaced with REALLY DO make us pick up our game.

They are smart, hard working, and really easy to get along with OVERALL.

My favorite Doctor's ALSO just happen to be immigrants from India.

I just realized that..

So in good concience I can support doing business immigration work for professionals AS WELL as rally for this last class of persons in the US who are still treated poorly being recognized with respect and valued moreso than we do.

This was a pivotal week to recognize worth and value of those who are POOR (they deserve basic right of *so called" Affordable Health Care);
AND GAY individuals deserve to enjoy the basic HUMAN RIGHT OF MARRAIGE if so chosen;

AND Our country has recognized


and are collectively finally making a shift to publicly denounce the flying of the racist confederate flag.

Immigration REFORM has been undertaken by our President as well.

That area however is one I think WE STILL Need to have alot of work done in.

We still have disproportionate numbers of immigrants working low wage jobs in poverty who can barely subsist here.

There is still much to do in that area of improving on HUMAN RIGHTS for immigrants in this melting pot of the U.S. which was BUILT on the diversity of immigration and seeking of freedom to practice ones chosen religion.

In time I am sure I can do my part.

Be it ever so small, I will give it my best effort- which is WHY I MUST Study my butt off (so to speak) and tackle that VA BAR EXAM , or WV or another until I do carry the tool of being a recognized lawyer.

If I can't get HIRED To do this work, then I just MUST DO IT MYSELF.

Until such time, I will be grateful for the work I find, and be happy to work to my best ability finding the honorable in it. EVEN IF It is working for our financial sector and big business.

HEck, I CAN support improving financial stability by supporting student loans and mortagages and THAT is the business that the company I hope to work for is in.

IT is VERY ALIGNED with my own personal goal of maintaing my OWN HOME for my kids and working toward enabling others to do so for their families as well.

"Msafire is a Certified Commercial Contracts Manager and JD with over 5 years of contracts/legal experience. She left ( ***BIG TELECOM COMPANY***) in 2013 to pursue completion of the bar exam in both Virginia and West Virginia with an eye on opening her own legal practice; however, after narrowly failing to pass, she has chosen to once again re-engage a role to leverage her strong contracts background. She has extensive experience partnering with corporate legal departments to develop contractual language/terms and has noted experience reviewing contracts to ensure compliance with service level agreements. *Msafire* is available to interview or start immediately.

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