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2015-10-10 - 11:47 p.m.

I came here thinking I should type my poem written at work in about 30 sec flat after going to the copy room to pick up a stack of contracts, and finding in between them an article entitled "Why Tesla"?

But I can't find that little sticky note the poem was on. It is here SOMEWHERE in my room! I had it just the other night....

I have another stack of bad work poetry inspired by a pseudo govt job.

I think that could become the name of my next poem "Pseudo Feds", for those who don't REALLY work for the federal govt. , but are "contractors" OR else in "quasi governmental functions" or some such thing.... YES that really is a thing... although I once again forgot the EXACT LEGAL Language of what it is called... but an entity providing services that is not EXACTLY really a govt agency, but not completely private but rather a hybrib public private partnership which means they really are put out there as private and that is all about capital and what resources they can find, however they then have to LISTEN To the puppetmaster!

NY PORT AUTHORITY Is one example of the quasi govt agency.

The funny thing is that when I worked in the private sector so few UNDERSTOOD how that relationship affected contract requirements, and would be utterly confused as to what contract provisions required in federal procurement contracts (FAR STUFF) actually had to flow down to those service contracts. I TOTALLY GOT IT.

That was a diversion and I thought of that job as I recall in a staff meeting with the whole legal dept the very discussion of that topic coming up with me being the one trying to clarify for our team but in that moment forgetting that EXACT LEGaL TERM.... even though I could explain the relationship well and clearly delinate which contract provisins we needed and which we could scratch. There were a few nervous nellie attorneys freaked out and wanting to leave some language in but I had to explain how to do so was for US To accept risk that would otherwise be held by our clients end user (THE FEDS). It was funny how I totally got it , but MOST didn't and the head of the govt contract group for that large company actually asked me to continue to clarify and confirmed I was absolutely correct. (I can DISTINCTLY RECALL EVERYTHING BUT THE NAME OF THAT DAMN TYPE OF ENTITY) ... but I ramble... all because I am overtired and didn't want to lost my poem so came on line to type it.

MIDNIGHT I came on line when exhausted at 9:30! WASTED TOO MUCH Time TONIGHT! I came on line solely to buy minutes on my cell phone and look up the race the Marine is running in D.C. tomorrow AM. I wanted to see how early it starts, I have to work so it turns out I can't go cheer on my friend. This took too long to accomplish those two things! OFF TO BED FINALLY....

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