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2015-10-11 - 10:50 p.m.

Quick update on my study and professional goals:

Took and failed the NCMA Certified Federal Contract Manager Exam

Exam: Certified Federal Contracts Manager Exam (US & Canada ONLY)
Date Completed: 29 August 2015
Score: 66%
Result: Fail
Topic Percentage Correct
FAR Parts 1-12 64%
FAR Parts 13-15 75%
FAR Parts 16-23 75%
FAR Parts 24-40 72%
FAR Parts 42-52 50%

I was a little disappointed but not much as I KNEW when I took it (from taking practice tests), that I was not SOLID but MIGHT actually know 70% of the material. One only needs 70% to pass.

I had a 64% on the practice test I took the morning I took the real exam. I studied all the material I had wrong on the practice test for two hours right after taking it, so figured that material would be fresh in my mind and I might get over 70%. NOT SO
I DID get every repeat question correct, but there were many regarding provisions I honestly never even read! ( Admittedly I focused on what I consider the CFCM "Cliff Notes" which are NCMA study guides, rather than actually READING the whole FAR!)

So for the past few weeks I actually really READ as well as studied more of the FAR.

I re-took a purchased practice test and received a 98% on that two weeks ago.

This truly set me back a bit for study of the BAR. One has to wait a whole month before they can re-take the CFCM Exam. That was a bummer, as I studied the last few provisions of the FAR immediately upon knowing what my weak areas were, and I would have preferred to take the test right away.

Oh well. Soon enough.

AS soon as I finish this exam I will start BAR REVIEW Study again with seriousness.

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