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2015-10-18 - 3:36 p.m.

DARN I had a 68 on the CFCM Exam I took yesterday!

SO CLOSE I need a 70% to pass!

I am now reading the fine point details of subcontract admin.

There were more detailed questions on Far 44 , which I guessed at.
I was WRONG on those...
Exciting reading for this afternoon as I have to get these details down.
Its the details I didn't know..

I wished I had re-read the test to review every darn question as I think had I done that I likely would have noticed EVEN ONE mistake and then changed one answer to have passed!
But I THOUGHT I would pass and wasn't really afraid of being so close, so when I was done I just re-read the five or six questions I had no idea on and guessed and reviewed those.

I was basically really impatient and tired and done with the exam so decided to just submit and not deliberate over it. I was shocked to get a 68. I really thought I had passed it. I then was disappointed at my impatience and not having re-read it. I KNOW I had trouble with the financial thresholds for when certain regulations apply as those as no sooner had I finally gotten the dollar values memorized than the new law which goes into effect Oct 1 was being tested.

After the last exam failed I went to the CFCM site and was happy to have read the memo on that! I studied the new figures and even stopped off at a public library on the was to the exam after dropping off the middle school student at the TJ program JUST to look up that bulletin and review the new thresholds once again.
CE la vie...
I will keep studying.
If at first you don't succeed try, try again...

But when I went into the test I know I got ONE of those questions correct but sat there looking at the multiple choice responses to a couple others and was confused.

Did it change from 600,000K to 650,000 or 700,000? ( That is the kind of detail I had trouble with!!!)

So I chalked up to not getting any questions on dollar value thresholds for requirements being correct but figured I would STILL Pass as I had studied SO MUCH and learned SO MUCH I didn't know a month ago! I figured I had to do well!

But boy they did a good job of creating a whole new exam that tested different parts of the FAR! I mean there were not a lot of repeat questions. I recognized SOME, but they really did have many questions on items that were not on the prior practice test or real test at all. Like the finer details of who's role it is to apply certain laws. There is a Contracting Officer (CO), and Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), the Agency Head, the cognizant Federal agency official (CFAO), Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) and the acronym list goes on and on...

I got more than a few questions that asked WHO is responsible for some particular function... and I was like WHAT??? I have no idea and GUESSED each time...

Likely wrong..
I just answered CO each time.

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