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2015-11-22 - 9:00 a.m.

Life in the overactive brain Someone accused me of not paying attention as I was trying to actually apply what they said in the moment (Said "so we will find about ten examples" and I immediately was on my laptop trying to find them and highlight the ten examples then and there as he was my trainer helping me learn what to do SO I was trying to just do it ) Good constructive criticism moment for me he lost it said Did you hear what I said ? Point well taken, eye contact and active listening of repeating back to make it clear heard is a WONDERFUL skill. Proud I at least was not defensive and didn't repeat back verbatim what he said along with the other concurrent conversations which would have sounded something like this: ( THE LATER IMAGINED CONVERSATION IN MY BRAIN WHEN I WALKED AWAY AND THOUGHT MAYBE I JUST SHOULD HAVE BLURTED OUT) "Yes you said " then once we train the system on how to recognize what we want for those provisions we can find at minimum ten other examples, although the more the better, to also input and train the system and the algorithm will then....' AND GUY IN CUBICLE NEXT TO ME ALSO JUST SAID CONCURRENTLY " Do you find those missing loans from that pool I know they are there..." and girl in cubicle next to us on the right just was on the phone and said " Hi S

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