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2016-01-23 - 3:49 p.m.

This is a very good article , though I don't totally agree, as I think that while PTSD is not an EXCUSE nor an acceptable REASON for one to discount and not take responsibility for violent reactions, I think for SOME that in fact the person enters this weird animalistic state of "fight or flight" as the amalga is so damaged . Violent reactiveness motivated by a fear based instinct to self or even OTHER protect (loved ones envisioned to be in harm) when in reality the trigger event motivating the reaction was not an actual threat but perceived as such DOES happen to SOME with PTSD. While it may be a disservice to the many who have PTSD who will NOT ever be violent to ASSUME that violence is always a symptom, it is equally a disservice to others who suffer from PTSD and struggle with a fight or flight reaction that motivates an urge to physically lash out to ASSUME violence can NEVER be a symptom of PTSD. In particular for the many victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE who grew up in homes where THEY WERE HIT or worse, their PTSD might just also include the challenge of learning a person raging and HITTING them is NOT A NORM, but cognitively learning what is HEALTHY BEHAVIOR ( I don't use the word NORMATIVE here as I am NOT convinced that healthy behavior is normative... I think domestic violence is the best kept secret and perhaps more normative than people are willing to acknowledge based on my personal experience of the EXTREME DENIAL TO ACCEPT it when it is even ACKNOWLEDGED AND DISCUSSED and people , even FAMILIES, go so far as to seek help to have it still denied SYSTEMATICALLY by societies organized communities-- churches, therapists, schools, courts..... I mean it is amazing how few are willing to discuss this hidden killer). So for the person with PTSD who cognitively can learn and aspire to act in a healthy manner, with PTSD having damaged the frontal lobe, no matter how much the OTHER PARTS of their cognitive function GET IT, they still, in a moment of SHEER TERROR AND REACTION BASED ON SOLELY INSTINCT.... with a damaged frontal lobe, may react without thought violently, if in their past they were exposed to violent response as a norm!

I just enjoyed writing for a couple of hours. I really enjoy the fact this snow day at home gives me such opportunity to sit with a cup of coffee and meditatively tap the keyboard.

Alas I lost my musings over these topics due to my failure to SAVE the post then go back to edit and finish. Perhaps it is a subconscious reluctance to actually BARE for all my inner thoughts! That is likely a good thing as you are saved the knowelege of-

my deepest dreams and secrets...

(had a cool dream last night)

further ruminations on relationships, avoidance of and our desire to connect

In a nutshell the best part of that writing was the comment that snowstorms offer an opportunity for us to , for once in the year, actually meet and greet neighbors when all are out shoveling together. We all slow down and some actually connect.

The worst part was ranting about the ex who sent a "Hi" out of his fear of facing a weekend snow bound alone.. and my musings on whether I am being judgmental or just wise

I will take time to share this with you:

Click on Good Lord to hear the song that has been swirling in my head along with the snow since I played Lea's latest CD in my car this week. (Motivated by the IM from an Ex which merely said "Hi" that I otherwise ignored)

enough said.. you were spared by the loss of rambles.
and PLEASE lets all stop talk about Sarah Palin

and pay some attention to actual brilliant women out there like this one who might succeed in changing who comes to the table of conversation

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