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2016-03-22 - 9:24 p.m.

Fun facts:

I read a post on FB from a very good poet that said something like
"Awoke from a bender and realized submitted work places"

and found it very motivating

to wake from sleep and CREATE work
(albeit truly first drafts)

I don't care that they might stink
Don't care not really done

I did get girls to be readers and got some good feedback

I haven't time to get them right
and keep working on them

So submitted them ANYWAY just for kicks

Because my philosophy in life is

don't wait for the time to be right

or for you to be good enough

or for you to be ready

Whatever your dream is
Embrace it and try your hand at it anyway

I figured since I couldn't find the energy to get up and run, at least I could write about that. Furthermore, If everyone found it in them to kick aside fear and let the world see their efforts without over thinking I think there would be far less people who ever experience the so called "bender" Mind bender I guess? Mind alteration experience? I read it as having drunk too much or imbibed in something else and then woken from an altered state and found submitted work The thing is, I don't understand STILL why more sensitive artistic people don't find the freedom to create WHEN SOBER. I just hate that and try so hard to DEFY IT. I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU WHO CREATE WHEN ON MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES TO TRY TO DO SO SOBER I BELIEVER YOU MAY SURPRISE YOURSELVES. The worst that can happen is that you prove me wrong. The best that could happen is that some of you might free yourselves of strongholds of addiction which in fact are masking your talent rather than enhancing it. And if some of you don't create in the same way, but LIVE and are here to do other things... well that might just be OK too. I am not for this live dangerously and die young philosophy. Cause that crap out there today KILLS And we used to all make fun of the notion of usage of mild drugs being starter drugs for harder things. YEAH we ALL made fun of that BD cause knew so many cases where it were not true. BUT PEOPLE ARE DYING OF HEROIN at an unprecedented rate and I can bet on this: If those people had what many thought twenty years ago was an UNHEALTHY FEAR OF DRUGS and refused to alter natural minds in ANY way... Well , all those casualties in our communities of late would likely still be here. There is something to the slippery slope argument in this case. It never HURTS to be cautious when it comes to choosing what one puts in their body!! Life prudently and live long is more my style.

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