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2016-04-09 - 12:25 a.m.

I have to buy tires. Mine are rather shot and I am driving to NY to see my son in a show soon, so would like to replace them before that trip.

Of course, just when I have to do this, the IRS got paid. I had filed my taxes months ago, but had set up the payment to go through to the IRS today. I had set up payment of my VA taxes due to go through last week, and the week before that I had to send a payment to the kid's Dad for my share of the past year's medical expenses.

I also splurged on tickets for a Sweet 16 gift for Sadie to go see Pentatonix. That was very expensive, as she is taking a friend with her.

There was also the hotel needed for the travel to see the show of my son.

THEN There was also a weekend getaway I planned for all the kids who live here in VA with me. We are going to a theme park that has a 5K. It was such a great deal as if we run the 5K they get admission to the park. There was then an option to upgrade for a little bit more for a weekend ticket, so I did that and then went on Priceline to find a hotel. $300 total for the whole weekend (sans food) for my whole family to go do this fun run at the theme park and have entrance to the park for two days. I jus hope I have some cash flow for spending money when there! The girls should definitely have a family vacation once in a while (once a year preferably), and it has been a while since I have been working a temp job so was a bit income insecure and not wanting to take time off not knowing when this job would actually end.

The temp position was initially from Aug-Dec. Then it was extended to March, then the very last day of March they let me know its extended to Sept.

Its just such a game to hire temp labor and keep the employee hanging without security so they are afraid to ever take off, since there are no benefits. I don't get paid sick days, or paid vacation , or health insurance .

I am just appalled that this is the new labor market and that I actually took a job under those conditions.

The thing is I am holding out for a contract manager job in which I am actually paid MARKET RATE. None of this income disparity crap of men in the field making more than me. I just won't have it.
So I took a job that is simpler as it was available for the time being.

The good news is that I am learning a lot.

Today I finally think I figured out the whole REMIC model. Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit... a tax pass through entity ... secondary insurance market investments...

Working in the financial industry is interesting at least as I am learning something new.

Just too bad the pay happens to still be kinda crappy.

I am excited we are breaking ground in the garden tomorrow but I had to be up late to move money around so I can buy some tires in the morning! There is a special being run on Michelin which ends tomorrow. So I have to pay for the tires and then come back in to have them installed later in the week when there is an available appointment (in order to take advantage of the promotion with runs only through tomorrow. ) Its going to save me $140 if the transaction is done tomorrow rather than next week. I want the Mitchelin tires as they are under warranty for 6 years and 90K miles. I checked a few other options and they say they will last less than that (45K , 50K), so I think the price differential will pay for itself over time.


WHEW.. think I got it all done. Off to bed FINALLY

Dinner was late as I had the makings of Spanakopita in my fridge for weeks but had not found time to make it until tonight. That is so good but it is a project to make!

I had four bags of Spinich that I bought two weeks ago so had to make it before those went bad. I was surprised at how fresh they were still, that they had not turned at all.

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