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2016-04-28 - 8:19 a.m.

Good news Still not sure why this router even works, but turned it on this AM as I need an address to mail ridiculous 50 page job application for an art model gig which will be like 2 hours every three months I am guessing! It took me months to take time to complete that darn thing, but after PAYING for HATHA YOGA that was motivation to put the time in.

I would rather get paid to do my Yoga than pay for it.

Modeling gives me a close experience to the actual class after my years of reading and studying on my own.

I do LOVE the class I found and will continue to go with my girls when I can as I think it very helpful for us all.


I love that lyric...

I think it brilliant

and yes I think we may be with at least one child.

After I returned home I think we had a bit of a breakthrough.

Sometimes it is more important to stay up until 2:30 AM LISTENING To your child than to enforce bedtime.

WHEW.... I at least feel relieved as she knows someone cares, someone noticed, she IS LOVED and her life MATTERS.

She also seemed to actually enjoy this mornings pancake breakfast. (They WERE so darn good! Banana, coffee and hint of butterscotch chips...ginger, allspice and cinnamon with vanilla Oh and shavings of dark belgim chocolate, just a touch.)

Spirits of all in the house lifted this AM THANK GOD!

I am SO HAPPY she came out of my room last night of her own accord after I returned. That helped a lot. She retreated there as it is the only truly private place and I get that. Music helps her... she was listening to it.

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