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2016-04-27 - 8:36 p.m.

Before the girls all came the one who walked home removed the router so that it was off to enforce the technology ban which is a consequence for the kid who ran out of school.

Now she is an angry kid and I came to the library after she locked herself in my room to listen to music ostensibly so I can look up info for her and her sisters and FEEL like I am doing something to help them.
She refused to eat dinner.

I could have forced the door open but thought it more prudent to come to the library to vent and calm myself before I turn into the ballistic parent.

I will simply tell her when I get home that if she does not open MY BEDROOM DOOR and get ready for bed the consequence will be that I will simply THROW OUT that whole darn desktop so it is not in our home anymore.

I am not going to fight with her over the use of technology and bedtime. No drama, but a clear consequence if she can not follow my house rules. Apparently shutting the router off was not enough.

I am not going to have MY Sleep disrupted.

The sad thing is that I told her if she resets her circadian rhythm or at least TRIES to by cooperatively going to bed by 9 with an hour to wind down for couple of weeks when with me , then I will turn back on the router. It is just not that hard to try .

I told her I have NO ISSUE with her use of technology all day long. She can game, design games ;live in her virtual minecraft world and Skype with her friends all she wants EXCEPT after 8pm with that hour to wind down and by 9pm quietly be in bed to get to sleep by 10 as it takes her a long time to fall asleep.

Understandably ADHD meds can interfere with sleep.
she BEGGED me to get melatonin.

I did the research and talked to my Dad who takes it, and have been MEANING To have the conversation with HER DAD and HER DR to see if they are on board ....just to be on the same page if we can.
However I opted tonight to just go get it and let her know she can try it and we can later have that conversation (simply as I forgot) I can't see any objections.

However, she refused to eat dinner. We had an AWESOME DINNER of homemade sauce from last summers frozen tomatoes. Darn it was incredibly and surpringly delicious over beef ravioli.

It just occurred to me NOW that she has been refusing meals quite often for months now. I was always worried about the one sister regarding body dysmorphia The other one who seems to have the food issues. The one who picks skin obsessively.

The thing is this child has also started to do that as well.

Some ask how is it having so many teen girls in a house at one time!

Just magnification of the teen issues

Right now multiplied by three..

Body dysphoria all around it seems.

I was surprised when the one girl fainted at school, but not surprised why as I knew immediately she had not eaten all day. What was surprising is I expected that call to be about her SISTER the one we are all well aware has had those issues for years. NO it was the ALTHLETE, the one who seemed HEALTHY
The one who is now having panic attacks. The one who kept everything inside for years while her sisters were volatile and lashing out.

I realize that at least So 4 out of my 6 children have officially struggled with depression.


This comment made that kids cant be depressed is bull shit. The idea that depression can't exist in children is another destructive form of denial.

I wish the Dr. would treat the skin picking a bit better. At least he is treating depression in one kid adequately.... sure soon enough the other two will get help I hope.
Doing the best I can.

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