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2016-05-24 - 12:08 a.m.

HA reading that last entry and it made me laugh, as it is clear my memory is really not that great! I had forgotten that I had this great financial plan of saving a good chunk of my income so after this temp job ends I would have a good nest egg (just in case I don't land something else right away).

Well, I THOUGHT I had money going via direct deposit to an acct. I have not accessed that account at all... figuring just have the money go there AND FORGET ABOUT IT. Seemed so easy to save!

Well... only trouble is that even thought I INTENDED To do that and put what would be the cost of medical insurance in savings.. FIGURING I would rather save the CASH than pay for comprehensive medical WHILE A GREAT IDEA
COULD ONLY WORK If I could actually AFFORD medical insurance in the first place.

I had forgotten that part. I thought it a great financial plan, until MONTHS AGO when I started this job and ran the numbers and set up direct deposit as I then realized I didn't make enough to save much at all! After the essential bills there was not much left.

So I did not set up direct deposit to that one acct

TROUBLE IS I FORGOT THAT PART! I remembered the financial IDEA but forgot that it turned out to not be practical as I am not making enought to sock anything away at this time! I make JUST enough to pay the mortgage and car payment, etc... pay off credit cards... IN fact not really even making enough to to that as I CHARGED my car insurance and a new set of tires.
So I am living paycheck to paycheck and dont have abiliy to save that cushion.

DARN my memory not as good as I had hoped!!! *But nontetheless, the abusive tactic of portraying me as one who doesn't recall EVENTS correctly was just that: A BULLSHIT TACTIC to hide the truth. I may in fact have a poor memory for things which is a common thing with ADHD, but it is very isolated to the experience of THINKING you are going to do something but then not having actually gotten confused as having REMEMBERED you did it ! ADD "Blink" I had an ADHD blink in regards to my finances! I came up with a GREAT financing plan but alas hit a block and didn't get it done... But I FORGOT that block and forgot it was a goal not yet met.. Ce la vie. I have said it before, ADHD is expensive. In so many ways. We lose so much.

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