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2016-05-26 - 10:08 p.m.

This day started with a lovely run with my youngest child to our garden! The radishes and onions are coming up nicely. Some Pole Beans have emerged, and a couple of squash plants. No signs of any of the greens planted, carrots, nor tomato and pepper plants. We started everything from seed so its fun seeing what seeds took.
IT was really late to start peppers and tomatoes (as those should have been started months ago indoors!), however the kids and my neighbor new to gardening who is sharing the plot with me this year at our town garden were so very excited to plant the seeds that I figured we would just go ahead and see how they do. Late season tomatoes and peppers are lovely anyway!

I REALLY need to get some sweet potatoes in the ground. That is the last thing to add to our garden, along with the marigold border to keep rabbits and pests out.

Alexy (FULL DISCLOSURE I EDITED THIS AS I REMEMBERED IT and had it wrong!) (I believe that is the name I gave her... seriously even in my writing I am constantly calling the girls by the wrong name!!) I cant keep track! I have to look it up typically - go back and see who is who when it comes to the younger girls!

OK, Alexy, who is in middle school , was so excited to report that in gym she did well at the mile run. She said her gym teacher praised her , telling her she had good running technique and that he was in absolute SHOCK when she told him that she and her older sister (the other one in middle school) ran a 5 K this weekend. He was just astounded!
He would be further astounded if he knew that the best friend of her sister Raitlin ALSO ran the 5K. These are the geeky kids who have showed no athletic inclination ,and in fact another of their close friends (there are really three of them who are best friends) was actually recently SUSPENDED from middle school after he refused to do more than 4 push-ups I think the story went, and then the teacher was irritated with him and it is alleged that the kid accidentally bumped into the teacher who then suspended him taking it to have been defiant and purposeful bumping into the teacher.

Raitlin reports that the friend said to her "Remember when I bumped into Mr @)%*@&?" and she responded "NO" because she took no notice of it. So she thinks that is indicative that it was such a small thing as she was next to her friend all during gym class. In the same class the teacher gave her a hard time as her running time was slower than previously so she thought he was just annoyed the two kids seemed to not be making any effort that day.

Well, those two kids who hate gym were actually THRILLED to run the 5K together!

It was rather remarkable really how this idea worked out so well. I had gotten an invite to this race that took place at a theme park. It was such a great deal as sent me a discount, so it was about $250 for me to register myself and the four girls to run along with theme park tickets for both Sat and Sun. To top it off,another friend of mine and her two boys came along as well! So on Sat we enjoyed their company, and then on Sunday we all did the race. My friend was proud she ran the 1K as its been a long time since she has run at all. The kids were proud of their accomplishment at the 5K, and the older brother of Raitlin's friend actually placed in the top runners for his age range and won a prize.
It was just a fantastic weekend despite the rain!

I am very pleased the youngest who ran with me once before this race to get ready was truly excited that after running only one time prior the mile run in gym class was then manageable. She was motivated by that and really happy. This morning she was fun to run with, not only enjoyed it but was thrilled that the gym teacher praised her and that she was not near the back of the class as has been typical and told me her goal is to beat the record time for girls at her school for running the mile.

Now the thing to realize is that prior to a race I hear complaints, whining, attestations such as "I HATE RUNNING!" From more than one of my girls. The most dramatic was Raitlin who declared "I am never running again" - YES That very same child who later happily told me her friend said he would run a 5K with us again anytime, and she would like to do so again as well.with him and that motivated her!

Darn I am up too late... should have been in bed.
I planned a run in the morning...

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